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Minecraft 1.14.60

The followers of our website finally have the chance to install and enjoy Minecraft 1.14.60, which is a full game version, the builds made in it promising to be stable and the gameplay as smooth as possible. Moreover, you can use it to play with your Minecraft PE friends that also use full versions and of course, in Realms, which is not possible in case you use a beta.

Update Minecraft Bedrock

The developers had to work on removing several detected crashes and problems. They used to occur:

  • When leaving a Minecraft PE world
  • When a split-screen Minecraft PE player exits a world
  • Sometimes in the process of world loading after upgrading it
  • When writing specific characters in On Signs or on Book and Quill
  • When using animation controllers from behavior packs in Realms
  • If the player is not logged into his Microsoft account and tries to transfer his purchases or even access the Marketplace

In addition to the above-mentioned problems, the developers had to remove a prompt appearing sometimes and relating that the player does not have enough storage space on the device he/she uses to play MCPE (even if there is enough storage space).

The Nintendo Switch users also complained that their games crashed sometimes, so special attention was paid to this platform and all the possible crashes were removed.

If you are interested in installing the present version, use the download button below the video trailer, invite your friends to try it too, and let us know about your opinion on it.

Visit us on a regular basis because in addition to the latest game versions, we are permanently publishing new articles on the most popular maps, textures, and mods and all of them have free download buttons.

By the way, a grand new version on the Nether Update is coming really soon, so stay tuned!

Video Trailer of Minecraft 1.14.60

Download Minecraft 1.14.60 [92.04 Mb] (downloads: 108702)


17 April, 2020

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Lucifer72619 April 2020, 03:32
I am lucifer726
Hi vedansh
Hi vedansh19 April 2020, 13:01
hi VVedansh gg fake one no no no no
Domini Pertile
Domini Pertile21 April 2020, 02:27

Akram23 April 2020, 17:26
Gracias me sirve muy bien
Gracias me sirve muy bien24 April 2020, 19:12
El mejor juego de la mejor plataforma
TimberedCafe24628 April 2020, 18:05
Hi can i download this or nothing??????

Babi4 May 2020, 06:58
Babi punya website kenapa tidak dapat download hah anjong sial
XxdiobelloxX8 May 2020, 17:58
MOUAD CRAFT9 May 2020, 17:51
WoW et minecraft
.12 May 2020, 17:25
Teo16 May 2020, 13:33
Cel mai tare joc

Fakih18 May 2020, 12:35
sweat wow minecraft sangat bagus
me25 May 2020, 19:05
thi does  NOT  work i  dont recomend

YZLizandro8 June 2020, 19:31
Una Vez juge Este juego y me encanto lo recomiendo MUCHO

mis juegos de esta aplicasiones son muy buenas👍👍👍👍

mi sel no es bueno

esto no me sirve me dise poner codigo codigo y nada que pasoooo
Sethien9 June 2020, 07:06
I want Minecraft for free my brother likes Minecraft but we don't have enough money to buy Minecraft
MUSAbb9 June 2020, 21:03
O Que OUTRAS PESSOAS estao dizendo

E feliz por ter Minecraft
Lizzard6918 July 2020, 04:03
no pos miau :v
Ilyass slow
Ilyass slow31 December 2020, 22:34

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