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Minecraft is a sandbox game created back in 2009. During this time (more than 10 years), the game has received worldwide fame and popularity among fans of sandbox games.

Minecraft is probably one of the best games of building and survival, which has become increasingly popular over the years.

Initially, Minecraft was created for the computer operating systems, but a little later the game was released for Android and iOS systems in test mode (Pocket Edition).

For a long time, the development of the mobile version of the MCPE was significantly different from the progress of the computer version, but after Microsoft took possession of Mojang, Minecraft PE got a breath of fresh air and began to actively develop.

For several years, Minecraft PE has become no worse than the computer version of Minecraft. In some cases, MCPE surpasses Minecraft Java Edition due to exclusive innovations.

Also, in a fairly short period of time while Microsoft managed Mojang there were releases of Minecraft on many different operating systems, such as: Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Gear VR Edition, Fire TV Edition, Apple TV Edition, PlayStation 4 Edition, Xbox 360 Edition , Xbox One Edition, PlayStation 3 Edition, PlayStation Vita Edition, Wii U Edition, Nintendo Switch Edition and other operating systems.

If you want to download Minecraft Pocket Edition free for Android, then you can do it without any problems on our website. Go to the Minecraft PE Download - there you can choose the version of the game you need. For each update of the game, we attach a complete list of what is new in a particular version of MCPE. We wish you enjoy the game Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android!

Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE

The Majong Studios released a brand-new beta where they have managed to fix not many, but very major issues. Check this article to learn about them.

22 January, 2022
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE 1.19

We all know that the Wild Update will be released this year and if you want to find out details about it, we invite you to read the present article. We are sure you will be delighted by its features.

16 January, 2022
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE 1.18.2

This week the MCPE developers have been very active and managed to release a few game updates. In this article you will find everything about Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.2.

11 December, 2021
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE 1.18.0

The Majong Studios team finally released Minecraft Bedrock 1.18, that is the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update only several hours ago, and if you want to learn about it, check this article.

4 August, 2021
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE 1.17

The Caves & Cliffs update is huge. This is why the game developers had to divide it into two different parts. Part one is already available for downloading and we invite you all to learn about what it is.

10 June, 2021
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE 1.16.221

If you are one of those people who like using full game versions for their stability, we invite you to try the freshest one which is Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.221!

26 April, 2021
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft 1.14.60

We hope this early news will make the day, the news about the release of a new full version promising smooth and stable gameplay. This is Minecraft 1.14.60.

17 April, 2020
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE

Minecraft Bedrock was recently released and is already available for download. To find out about the bug fixes and other features it brings access this article.

13 January, 2022
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE

A good year starts with good news and here is a great one for you: the Majong Studios team released a new beta version with new features and useful changes!

11 January, 2022
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE

Are you ready to welcome a new mob in your Bedrock world? If you are curious who this is, check this article and install the new Minecraft PE beta!

18 December, 2021