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What do you do while spending hot summer and cold winter days, the time when there’s no desire to go out? Our team knows! Popular computer games, undoubtedly! Minecraft PE is your beloved one, isn’t it? But what if MCPE became uninteresting to you after spending a lot of time playing the game? Then you need to go to our website and download and install Maps for Minecraft PE, that are carefully chosen and published by our team. There are only the best ones in this section of our website: the most demanding puzzles, the most interesting quests, the most frightening horror maps and the best parkour maps for Minecraft 1.11!

We are sure that Minecraft PE maps is the best way for a thrill. House with ghosts, five Nights at Freddy’s, grim dungeons with murderous monsters - all of them you can find here and there's more to come.

There are MCPE maps with enthralling quests for passage, if you want something different. We have brought even Minecraft PE survival maps for you here. You definitely can`t get past them.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is the only game where people hold the fights in honor of the pie. Of course you heard about Caviar Wars! And that is just a small part of what you are able to do in Minecraft universe. You will see it after looking through all these best maps for Minecraft PE by yourself! The slogan of Minecraft PE map creators - Don’t be sad, Have fun!

Well, good news for you! MCPE maps can be downloaded for free on our website! Really, no payment required at all! Choose, download and apprise! Your positive feedback makes us work better!

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Minecraft Maps

Map Pada's Laboratory 1.17

Map Pada's Laboratory can become a very good tool to train your abilities if you want to defeat your friends in different themed PvP Bedrock games.

25 January, 2022
Minecraft Maps

Map Squid Game 1.17.30

Today we want to continue the topic of the Squid Game series and we have a very interesting game to present to you. It is called Map Squid Game.

16 November, 2021
Minecraft Maps

Map Nation Of Calvada 1.17

Calvada is a very beautiful place to visit and you can be one of the tourists who have the chance to explore it. To do this, install Map Nation Of Calvada.

5 September, 2021
Minecraft Maps

Addon Parkour Blocks 1.16.221

Minecraft PE parkour games are very popular, but what do you think about creating your own one? Addon Parkour Blocks provides more than sixty basic blocks you can use in this activity.

27 August, 2021
Minecraft Maps

Map Ascend the Spire 1.16.210

If you are afraid of heights, don’t even think about trying Map Ascend the Spire because you will have to climb on a spire of an enormous building in order to finish its construction.

8 June, 2021
Minecraft Maps

Map A Sticky Situation 1.14

Today is the first day of the summer and this means that we are celebrating International Children’s Day! As an addition to all the fun, we invite you to try a very entertaining cool map!

1 June, 2021
Minecraft Maps

Map Lance Ville 1.16

Being a tourist is not as easy as it was before because of the pandemic, but nothing can stop us from visiting nice places in MCPE. Today we invite you to explore a new spot called Lance Ville.

30 May, 2021
Minecraft Maps

Map Prehistoric Park 1.16.201

If you like everything about dinosaurs and the period they lived in, we invite you to visit an absolutely fantastic themed park called the Prehistoric Park!

8 May, 2021
Minecraft Maps

Map Hillside House 1.16

Would you like to become the owner of a very big house that you can decorate as you like? If you do, we invite you to install Map Hillside House.

5 March, 2021
Minecraft Maps

Map SG Replay: TNT Tag 1.16

There is no person who didn’t play tag in childhood, but if for some reason you missed doing this, don’t worry because you can play it now in your Minecraft PE world.

29 January, 2021