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The Minecraft PE world seems to be just about boundless for new players, however in the long run they start to realize that they found and observed all of the places, defeat all kinds of mobs and collected all of possible goods from them. What can you do after that ? Increase your level in well-known locations, pass the locations you have passed earlier and find object you found long ago at novel seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The time has come! You can forget about monotony with our website and this section of it!

All you need to do to vary the Minecraft PE game process is to to download the MCPE seeds, collected in this section. Minecraft seeds are the codes that the game uses to generate worlds for you. What does it mean ? If you are aware of the correct set of letters and numbers – you’ll be capable of making completely new world of Pocket Edition or adding the biome you needed, area or position to the foregoing one.

The MCPE world will always be interesting and exciting for you If our website will be the one that you regularly visit! If you don`t know how to install Seeds for Minecraft 1.12, 1.11 then don`t worry - it`s easy! You only need to keep in mind one of the generation keys, that are aimed to every single seed individually.

Only the best MCPE Seeds are published on our website, which will make a huge desire inside your body to immediately test them in the game. Examine this section of our website, choose different seeds to create canyons, villages, even another planets – all unbelievable things that the gamer inside your body is able to wish!

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Minecraft Seeds

Incredibly Flat Seed

Using this seed, you will find yourself in a plain biome that stretches for tens of kilometers. Great place for large-scale buildings! Use this seed to build a big city.

30 October, 2019
Minecraft Seeds

Ice Spikes and Igloo Seed [1.12]

Using this seed you can explore the most interesting icy corners of the planet Minecraft. We have prepared for you the coordinates of interesting locations that you can explore.

5 August, 2019
Minecraft Seeds

Bizzare Floating Tree Seed [1.12]

Wow, we found a pretty cool key generating the world of Minecraft that might interest you! Use this seed to see the magnificent tree floating above the ground!

12 May, 2019