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Ice Spikes and Igloo Seed [1.12]

Locations that were discovered using this key to generate the world of Minecraft are amazing. It is very rarely possible to generate the world of Minecraft in such a way that the spawn is located near unique structures.

We give you the opportunity to generate a new world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, where you can find several interesting generations at once not far from spawn.

Below we have published semi-information, which we recommend that you use.

Spawn Position
  • coordinates: 724 74 5

Ice Spike Locations
  • coordinates: 645 64 -68

Location of the snow house (Igloo)
  • coordinates: 658, 64, 42

Above, we published the full information about this seed. Use the above coordinates to find the locations we showed in the screenshots above.

If you have any problems finding some locations, ask questions in the comments. We will try to help you! 

Other seeds for Minecraft you can find in the seeds section for MCPE. Also go to the section: mods, maps, textures and skins. In these sections there are useful additions for Minecraft!
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5 August, 2019

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Amanda6 August 2019, 18:34
Hola me encanta el minicarft perros

Diego8 August 2019, 01:09
  1. [hide][/hide]Kydc2

Yael12 October 2019, 18:16
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