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Almost all the experimental features that have been enjoyed by the MCPE users the last several months, for example, the dripstone blocks brought by Minecraft PE and the goats brought by Minecraft PE are now officially introduced into the gaming world and everybody can admire and interact with them without enabling any experimental toggles. Minecraft PE 1.17, the long-expected Caves & Cliffs update is a truly grand one. This is why the Mojang team had to develop it in two parts. The first one is already available so let us find out what it contains.


What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

If you didn’t check any betas released in the last several months, all the features brought by the present full version will seem new. If you did follow the MCPE evolution of the latest time period, you are probably familiar with most of them, but there are also several absolutely new surprises for you to check.

So, let’s start from the very beginning. As soon as you launch Minecraft Pocket Edition, a beautifully designed menu panorama will be displayed. The loading screen was also updated to suit the Caves & Cliffs theme.  

Later, when you already enter your new gaming world, you will discover that the developers added many new sounds, including damage and bonemealing sounds.

The underwater visibility, especially in the cave waters, was also greatly improved, but this is not everything about caves. Even if the often-talked-about lush caves will be introduced in the next game update, all of their features can be explored now.

The Caves

Explore the caves to discover:

  • Moss Blocks, Carpets. The carpet looks like any other wool carpet, but it is made of moss. Using bonemeal, players can grow vegetation on such blocks. They are breakable, but only with hoes.
  • Simple Azalea and Flowering Azalea are beautiful flowers but can be also used to fuel furnaces.
  • Cave vines. These vines may grow glow berries (in a natural way or when bonemealed). These berries can be placed on solid blocks and new vines will grow out of them. These berries are also very nice light sources and can be consumed as food. Foxes can also breed if fed with these delicious berries.
  • Azalea leaves (regular and flowering).
  • Rooted dirt that can be transformed into regular dart and hanging roots
  • Small dripleaves that can grow into big ones when fertilized
  • Spore blossoms
  • Dripstones. The pointed ones can be placed on cave floors or ceilings. Even if they are helpful sometimes, for example in filling cauldrons, watch out because you may get serious health damage if one falls on you or if you fall on a dripstone that is placed on the floor.

Since there are so many features introduced in caves, the masons and wandering traders will also start trading moss, dripstones, and rooted dirt.

Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst Geodes.  These geodes represent new structures that you should definitely explore. They have three component layers: the external one is made of Smooth Basalt, the middle one is made of Calcite, and the inner layer is made of Amethyst shards, clusters, blocks and budding amethysts. The shards are especially valuable because they can be used to craft Tinted Glass (an opaque glass that doesn’t shatter when someone breaks it) and SpyGlass (a tool used to see things from big distances through a special camera).





The Mojang team managed to develop an entirely new world generation so that the new mountains would fit perfectly there. The most distinctive features of the mountains are:

  • Powder Snow. This kind of snow is nothing like the ordinary one. Be careful when walking through it because you can easily get a freeze damage, but if you have a pair of leather boots there is nothing to worry about.
  • Goats. These animals jump really high, but sometimes they can ram into players and mobs. When breeding them, if you are lucky, you can obtain a totally unusual kind of goat called the Screaming goat.



The underwater space in MCPE has two new inhabitants:

  • Glow Squids. These new kinds of squids drop glow ink sacs when killed. The sacs can be used to craft Glow Item Frames and Glow Sign Texts.


  • Axolotls are very funny axolotls that can fake their death and that have many other interesting features.


Other new features:

  • Copper. This is a material that should be searched for deep underground. You can use it to craft Spyglass and Lightning Rods. Even if this material can oxidize, this is not a problem because you can deoxidize it in several ways.
  • Raw Ores. Raw ores will drop from copper, gold, and iron blocks. All these ores can be smelted.


  • Deepslate. This is a new kind of rock that is available in twenty-eight variants. Look for it below the Y=16 level.
  • Tuff. This is a very nice decorative block growing in blobs below the Y=16 level.

In addition to collecting together all these fantastic features, the game developers fixed a big number of crashes and bugs. They also made many technical updates. Because we know that you can’t wait to try the version, we will let you discover them all individually this time, or, if you want to know more details about the update, you can watch the video trailer below this article.

Because this is the greatest update released this year, we would appreciate it if you could share it with other MCPE users. We will also be glad to find out your opinion on its features, so feel free to leave feedback.

Follow our website if you want to be up to date with other upcoming MCPE news (including Part 2 of this update). Here you can also find a big number of cool maps and other game-related surprises. Enjoy your time!

Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

10 June, 2021

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