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The Caves & Cliffs update is officially the grandest MCPE update of all time. Because of its incredible number of changes, the game developers had to split it into two parts. Earlier this summer we had the chance to explore and enjoy the first part that they called Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 but the second part, that is Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 will be released not earlier than at the end of this year. Anyway, to satisfy our curiosity, the developers decided to reveal a big part of its features and in this article, we will enlist them.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.0

Because the mountains and the underground structures were due to such serious updates and because so many new biomes have been added, the gaming world we got used to seems too small, so the Majong team had to develop a new world generation, making it higher and deeper.

Biomes and sub-biomes

  • Deep Dark Biome
  • Dripstone Cave Biome
  • Lush Cave Biome
  • Mountain Meadow Sub-biome
  • Snowy Slopes Sub-biome
  • Lofty Peaks Sub-biome
  • Mountain Grove Sub-biome
  • Snow Capped Peaks Sub-biome

The Caves not only include the new biomes, but also many new and relatively new features among which are: fossils, new kinds of strongholds, skulk sensors, blocks, chute, and traps, deepslate, aquifers, clay pools, fossils, dirt, granite, regular stones, andesite, dripstones, copper, iron, tuff, candles, chests, etc. The ores will generate in snake-like shapes called veins. The deep dark caves are the most interesting ones to explore, because, among a lot of interesting things to find, it is the only place where a new mob can spawn (see description below).Deep in the caves you will also discover a very interesting new structure that will be called the Underground Cabin and it will contain a lot of cool stuff like blast furnaces, barrels, chests, candles, and much more.



The new Mountains are amazing too. In the new sub-biomes and not only you will discover a lot of ice, regular and powder snow, emeralds, coal, iron, spruce trees, flowers, sweet berry bushes, goats, and rabbits. As a matter of fact, the goats will start dropping their horns upon death.










Besides the relatively new mobs among which are the axolotls, goats, glow squids, etc, you will meet a brand new one but we must warn you that it is one of the most dangerous creatures in MCPE. This mob is the Warden and it spawns only in the deepest caves. This is an enormous monster that, even if it is blind, has the ability to sense any mob or player who is near. Even if it is attacked using a projectile, it will study it and find its source immediately. In a few words, this underground-living monster is gigantic, strong, fast, and very dangerous.

Another great thing about the upcoming update is the Bundles developed for stacking items. Using them, you will be able to stack infinite amounts of different items, except shulker boxes. You will be even able to create bundle nests for stacking bundles. How amazing could this be?

Dear friends, if you want to find out more information about this legendary update, we invite you to watch the video below this article and if you want to inform your friends about what we will all be able to enjoy thanks to this release, do not hesitate to share the article with them.

Please follow our website to find out about the above-described update and other game-related news as soon as they appear. This way you will also get the chance to try many free maps, mods, textures, and other surprises. Enjoy your time!

Video of MCPE 1.18.0

4 August, 2021

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