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Minecraft PE 1.19, also known as the Wild Update is planned to be released in 2022. It promises to be as fascinating as the Caves and Cliffs Update (Minecraft PE 1.17 and Minecraft PE 1.18) released last year, or maybe even better.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

The developers of the Mojang Studios are not losing any time at all. They are working hard to make a version that will impress all the players, regardless of their preferences, ages, etc. Starting with Minecraft PE they decided that some of the upcoming features can already be tested and with each beta, they try to include more and more Wild Update features under its toggle. This way, we already found out and even had the chance to interact with skulk blocks and frogs. Hopefully, they will add more features in the near future, or even better, will decide to release the grand Wild Update sooner than we are all expecting.

Dark places and hostile mobs  

After the release, all players will have the chance to explore a very dark and mysterious place called the Deep Dark where a lot of Skulk Blocks spread thanks to a new kind of mechanism called Skulk Catalyst. Its activity is triggered by mobs dying near it. This is the place where players will also find a spectacular structure called the Ruined City. Inside it, there are loads of candles, soul sand, chests with different drops, and more, but most importantly, there is a new mob that is more hostile than any other vanilla mob. This is the Warden. He has a health of five hundred and an attack damage of thirty. This monster is blind but he senses the vibrations made by players and mobs while walking and he attacks immediately. There are a few methods how players can distract his attention or fool him, for example, by throwing arrows. This way, the Warden will focus on the sound made by the arrow and you can run past him. Anyway, the game developers recommend avoiding fighting him because there is no way to defeat him. You may wonder why visit these places if they are so dangerous? Well, because if you are lucky enough not to get killed by the Deep Dark guardian, you will find a lot of valuable loot, probably more than in any other place in Minecraft Bedrock.


Picturesque biomes and peaceful mobs

First of all, we must mention that the Mojang Studios workers plan to modify and improve almost all existent biomes. They want to make them more unique and add more structures, blocks, and other features. Some of them may even be renamed. Below you can see an example of how a random biome may look like soon. Isn’t it stunning?


Probably there will be more new biomes generating in the Overworld, but for now, we know exactly only about one and this is the Mangrove Swamps. This place has unique flora and fauna. By exploring it you will discover Mangrove Trees growing everywhere. All their parts (wood, leaves, roots, etc) can be used in crafting or as decoration elements. Here you will also find Mud (you can also craft it individually by mixing water and dirt). This material can be transformed into Clay by placing it on a stalagmite, or mud bricks to build houses or other structures. The Mangrove Swamps also host two new mobs: Frogs and Fireflies. You probably already met the frogs if you tried Minecraft PE and enabled the new experimental features. These mobs generate not only in this biome, and they can be of different types depending on the place they spawn in. Their babies, the Tadpoles, can be collected like ordinary fish. The second mob generating in these swamps is the Firefly. This is an insect and we do not know yet if the players will be able to interact with it, but we know that it glows in the dark and it makes the environment livelier. Sometimes, they can be consumed by frogs.




Besides all the above-mentioned features, the Wild update will also bring:

  • Boats with Chests that are very useful when traveling. Just pack your belongings and take them along. 


  • Allays that are very cute and energetic mobs that love music and dancing, but their main target is to collect items of the same type. For example, you can give it one item and after a series of manipulations, the Allay will bring you an entire stack of the same items.


We are sure you cannot wait to meet all the new mobs and explore the new biomes, but until the legendary release, you can watch the clip trailer below this article, share this information with all your friends, and let us know your opinion and requests regarding the Wild Update by leaving feedback.

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Clip Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.19

16 January, 2022

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