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Minecraft for Android


Minecraft Pocket Edition is a pretty fun update. Minecraft Update on Android, etc. gaming devices are actually no different from the update Minecraft 1.11.0.

Minecraft is a technical update of the game that will make Minecraft Pocket Edition modding more flexible.

The developers of the company Mojang have made quite a few changes to the files of the game client Minecraft. At the moment, many new opportunities have appeared for the developer of maps and add-ons.

With all the features of Minecraft you can read on this page below.

What's news in update Minecraft PE
Added new Data-Driven Particles:
  • Llama Spit
  • Large Explosions
  • Coloured Flames
  • Redstone Dust
  • Falling Dust
  • Lava
  • Enchanting Table
  • Conduit
Added new Data Driven Animations:
  • Wolves
  • Fang Attack
  • Arrows
  • Shulker Bullets
  • Bows
  • Water
Updated Documentation to include a Breaking Changes sectionItem API V0
  • Basic item related events have been exposed to the Scripting API. This includes:
  • actor_acquired_item
  • actor_carried_item_changed
  • actor_dropped_item
  • actor_use_item
  • actor_equipped_armor
Inventory API V0
  • Basic inventory events have been exposed to the Scripting API. This includes:
  • inventory_container
  • armor_container
  • hand_container (note that the hand container will get you both the main hand and offhand)
  • hotbar_container
Block API V0
  • New block events and two new APIs have been included to query for blocks. This includes:
  • APIs
  • getBlock(Ticking Area, x, y, z)
  • getBlock(Ticking Area, PositionObject)
  • getBlocks(Ticking Area, x min, y min, z min, x max, y max, z max)
  • getBlocks(Ticking Area, Minimum PositionObject, Maximum PositionObject)
  • Events
  • block_destruction_started
  • block_destruction_stopped
  • piston_moved_block
  • player_destroyed_block
  • player_placed_block
executeCommand API
  • Allows the Scripting API to get the result of a slash command
Event Data API
  • Allows Creators to create event data, register and pass it to the event function.
Updated Demo Packs

In addition to the description of the new version of Minecraft, you can watch a short video review of Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft with Xbox Live
Download Minecraft [87.55 Mb] (downloads: 2227)

17 May, 2019
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