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Remember we told you that you will always be among the first to check the latest game versions if you will follow our website? Well, we usually keep our promises so here we are, presenting you the newest beta called Minecraft PE

We are sure you know all the rules regarding beta versions, but just in case, let us remind you of them:

  1. Do not expect that the builds created in a beta version will be of the same quality as those created in full versions
  2. While trying the beta, you won’t be able to play with non-beta users and in Realms
  3. The builds created in a beta cannot be accessed using earlier game versions, so we recommend you to make copies
  4. As soon as installed, the beta will replace your existing MCPE world and you might lose it unless you make a copy

And now, let’s see what is there to explore this time:

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

By downloading this update, you will discover dozens of useful fixes and general improvements. We will start with the fixes. The following crashes and bugs were removed and won’t stand between us and a smooth gameplay anymore:

  • The crash happening when the player entered his/her MCPE world with a specific texture pack
  • The crash happening when giving a tag to the Ender Dragon
  • Fence gates not connecting to blackstone as to other walls
  • The roots not removing normally when placing a block on the Crimson / Warped roots
  • Target blocks lighting up additional blocks that are above them
  • Impossibility to place cocoa beans on specific Jungle wood variations
  • XP orb depending on the world lighting (now it is set at max brightness)
  • Items floating too low once dropped
  • Dragon Egg not always dropping in case it is hit by an explosion
  • Mobs not being able to leave lava blocks
  • Several path-finding and navigation-connected errors

Besides these fixes, you will discover several important technical updates and some cool changes among which:

  • Salmon and Cod dropping cooked fish when killed



  • Possibility to use the /give command for obtaining farmland
  • The UI supporting asperite JSON files for the animations
  • Three new commands: /structure, /ride, and /playanimation

To find out more details about the present beta, watch the video trailer below the article.

Please be generous and share the news about the release with your friends and leave feedback letting us know what you think about it.

When you are done with exploring the above-described beta, we invite you to visit us and check the multitude of popular maps, mods, textures, and other MCPE-related articles with free download buttons. Have a good time!  

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE [125.56 Mb] (downloads: 216)

22 August, 2020

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13gabybelen23 August 2020, 01:29
mejor juego de la vida que an sacado
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