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By visiting our website, you can try a lot of free Minecraft PE-related stuff, but of course, the most popular articles are those about the latest game versions. Today we will have the chance to check a brand-new one which is Minecraft PE

This update is a beta version, so the builds created may be somewhat unstable compared to those created in full versions. Access to realms and non-beta players is also impossible while trying a beta version. Another feature of betas is that the worlds created using them cannot be accessed using earlier game versions and that they replace the existing worlds, so in both cases, it is a good idea to make copies of your builds. Just in case.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

In this beta, you will find the next changes:

  • (Regarding the Achievements screen) Modified frame art for the locked achievements
  • (Regarding the Achievements screen) Modified size of rewards frame
  • (Regarding the Achievements screen) Achievement details page content does not hide behind the input legend anymore
  • (Regarding the Achievements screen) Scrollbar does not hide behind the input legend anymore
  • (Regarding the Achievements screen) Removed input legend of the summary panel when the narration is enabled
  • Resolved a problem related to the screen reader when it failed to read the title on the Permission screen
  • Corrected textures of polar bears, pandas and other mobs based on vanilla actor types


  • Returned ability of joining a server after it was suspended and resumed
  • Returned ability to join a server in case it has its view-distance set to four or less
  • Introduced Nether ambient sounds

The MCPE developers are aware that there are a few problems left but they are working hard to resolve them and we hope that we will find them fixed in a future update.

To download the described-above version, click on the button below the video trailer, share the article with other players, and leave feedback.

Visit us as often as possible and you will always be among the first to discover the latest updates and the newest and most popular mods, maps, etc. Enjoy your time!

Video of Minecraft PE

4 December, 2020
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