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Finally, the developers of Minecraft Bedrok Edition have released the update Minecraft! In the new version of the game Minecraft were added to the world of Minecraft foxes.

Adding foxes to the mobile version of Minecraft was announced a long time ago. For several months, we did not receive any information from the developers about the foxes. And so it was done! After a few months of lull from the developers, the foxes were added to the world of MCPE!

Feature of the update Minecraft 1.13.0 is that with this version of the game will be foxes. Foxes have different behaviors. On this page we have published the main features of foxes!

You can read about other changes in Minecraft 1.13.0 in another article about Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.13.0 that we write for you.

Changes in the game MCPE

  • Added the Fox!
    • Added the arctic Fox as a variant
    • Foxes now spawn as arctic variants when in snowy climates, and polar bears will attack them unprovoked
    • Trusted Foxes defend trusted players
    • Foxes can pick up and carry items in their mouths
    • Foxes may eat what they are carrying, sometimes with interesting results!

  • Coordinates can now be tab-completed when writing commands
  • Added new “PersistComponent” for mob persistence
  • Added new and improved Structure Blocks
    • Save and Load features are behind the Experimental Toggle

We hope that this article was helpful to you! We told you about the most interesting innovations of Minecraft for android.

The Minecraft PE update was released for Windows 10, Xbox One and Android devices. Unfortunately on our website you can download the update MCPE only for devices with support for Android.

We also recommend to visit the most interesting sections of our website: add-ons, textures, maps and seeds. In these sections you will find many useful and interesting additions for the mobile version of Minecraft!

Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft release
Download Minecraft PE [88.29 Mb] (downloads: 7152)

1 July, 2019

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Mc29 June 2019, 11:40
I want foxes
Fahmy1 July 2019, 06:49
great game but need to be full version and not late update cuz the other version gets update more quick
Univirse_adm2 July 2019, 13:08
apk file Minecraft was published on our website.
The full version of Mancraft 1.13 will be released during the summer, we hope!
Minecraft21 July 2019, 06:07

Minecraft gratis frost diamond 
appelsapp10 November 2019, 19:28
Doesnt Work for me
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