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Our website contains hundreds of interesting articles, but of course, the most popular ones are those about the latest game versions. Today we have fresh news for you and they are about the release of Minecraft Bedrock

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

By installing this beta, you may discover that the following issues have been fixed:

  • Impossibility to place water, powdered snow, and lava continuously by holding down the right-click button
  • Light blocks being usable for placing blocks that require support for their placement
  • Mineshafts, especially those with log support, generating above lava
  • Dirt rooms generating below y=0 from in mineshafts
  • Mineshaft generations using oak wood instead of oak logs as support pillars
  • Flat worlds consuming too much memory this making the game to crash eventually
  • Water turning lighter when looking at it while holding a small dripleaf
  • Tall flowers dropping two items, not one as they normally should
  • Bug allowing players to see through terrain
  • NPCs emitting villager sounds
  • Chorus fruit nor working below Y level -26
  • Entities located far from the player having jittery movements
  • Signed books and other education Edition items having a wrong tooltip
  • Impossibility to place saplings, grass, flowers, and other plants on mycelium
  • Too little number of axolotls appearing in lush caves
  • Fish not avoiding axolotls as they should
  • Magma cubes not attacking iron golems even if they get attacked first
  • Phantoms bumping into mountains instead of flying over them
  • Gravel not generating at all below the y=0 level
  • Gold ores generating in an excessive amount in badlands
  • Lava and water sources generating in icebergs

Besides fixing all these issues, the hard-working game developers also managed to carry out a few technical updates and to improve the rendering of icons in texts.


For more information on the current beta, check the video below this article.

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Clip Trailer of MCPE

Download Minecraft PE [132.53 Mb] (downloads: 254)

2 November, 2021
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