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The developers of the mobile version of Minecraft released the update Minecraft Pocket Edition Update Minecraft is available for players who have devices: Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One.

On this page, we published detailed information about the update Minecraft Bedrock, and also attached a link to the Minecraft apk file. Unfortunately, on our website you can download the game Minecraft only on a device with Android OS support.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the full list of changes in the game Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android. If you have any questions about the update MCPE - write in the comments!

What has changed in Minecraft PE
  • Crashes/Performance
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay 
    • Fixed a crash on Xbox One that could sometimes occur when signing out of an Xbox Live account
    • Fixed an issue that could sometimes result in the app not responding when loading on Android
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with custom entities
    • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur after sleeping in a bed 
    • Applying a resource pack to a Realm no longer causes the game to freeze
    • Optimised game loading on Android devices, which also fixes the game sometimes showing an “App Not Responding” message when trying to launch the game
  • General
    • VR - When player goes to sleep and wakes up in immersion mode, the HUD is now positioned correctly, and axe animations work again
    • Tweaked Marketplace layout to prevent overlapping information
    • Controller mapping no longer show incorrectly as "unassigned" 
  • Gameplay
    • Armor, weapons, and tools are once again suggested in the recipe book
    • Mobs once again drop equipment as loot
    • Fixed an issue with breaking blocks when boarding a boat or holding a bow or crossbow
    • Mobs no longer drop fully repaired items as loot
    • End Gateway Portals will no longer generate on the main obsidian platform in the End
    • Arrows are no longer fired backwards when shooting at the ground
    • Leaves on trees no longer get cut off on chunk boundaries during terrain generation
    • Players can no longer push lit TNT entities

This was a complete list of changes, which was published on the official Minecraft page. As you can see, the Minecraft Bedrock developers have done a good job on this update MCPE beta. On this page you can download the update Minecraft Pocket Edition beta.

If you need add-ons for MCPE, new textures or anything else for the mobile version of Minecraft Bedrock, you will find all this on this website. Our website has: mods, maps, textures, seeds, skins, and more!

Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft release
Download Minecraft PE [87.92 Mb] (downloads: 26967)

8 August, 2019

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