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The latest game versions are focused on improving the Wild Update features and on developing new ones. Minecraft PE has the same target and by reading this article you will find out what the Mojang team had to change and fix.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Here is the list of issues that had to be fixed this time. As you can see, it contains errors affecting both the Wild Update features and other aspects.

  • Allays, wolves, striders, and other mobs disappearing after traveling through the Nether Portal


  • Sculk shriekers giving players the possibility to activate them multiple times at once
  • Shulk shriekers not being obtainable in Survival when mined with silk touch
  • Reinforced deepslate breaking too easily
  • Skulk not being stopped by fire when spreading
  • Leaves growing on mangrove trees not generating correctly
  • Game graphics and menus disappearing or lagging on Android
  • Survival worlds glitching on Android
  • Player’s inventory disappearing and the screen turning blue when using emotes
  • Poor game performance on worlds with Render Dragon on Android
  • Shift + click not working correctly when trying to add items to a stack

You will also notice that the MCPE developers added settings that will allow you to modify the duration of the notifications.

To hear all the above-described information from another point of view, see the clip trailer below this article.

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Clip Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

15 May, 2022
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