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Minecraft PE 1.19.10

Minecraft PE 1.19.10 is a very big game update bringing together all the fixes found in the earlier beta game versions. We are sure that you are following our website and thus are familiar with most of them, but in case you are a newcomer, we will enlist the main ones.

Bugfixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The developers of the Mojang Studios team fixed almost two hundred problems. Some of them were purely technical or were affecting the behavior of some mobs or blocks in an almost unnoticeable way so we will skip those this time. Instead, We will tell you about several really severe issues that thankfully have been successfully resolved in this version. These were:

  • The Allay not behaving as intended by the game developers when flying near a jukebox
  • Players not being able to find out the cause of their death by looking at the death screen when it comes to this
  • iOS devices not supporting mouse and keyboards connected via Bluetooth
  • Game crashing in many different situations, for example when casting a fishing rod through a portal that is meant to take the player to a different dimension or when the player suffers from a wither attack and dies
  • Using Holiday Creator Features making the game load for a too long period of time (sometimes even infinitely)
  • Impossibility to pick up stackable items in the offhand when the inventory has no empty slots
  • Doors pushing players out of the way when flipped via redstone or in any other way
  • Players suffering from fall damage when building or standing on scaffolding
  • Camera view changing in an incorrect way when entering a boat
  • Impossibility to copy boats with chests by pick blocking
  • Haste level I effect not giving any mining speed increase
  • Resistance effect of almost all levels giving an incorrect percentage of damage reduction
  • Health boost effect working normally, but the effect not persisting when closing and re-entering the game
  • Player being unable to stop jumping after entering a boat while jumping
  • Player’s hitbox looking incorrectly when dying under certain circumstances, for example, while hitting a wall while flying or while swimming in a one-block place
  • Incorrect number of trees in Mangrove Biomes
  • Grass and clay in mangrove biomes and campfires in ancient cities generating incorrectly
  • Decorative sculk features generating only at a certain height in the Deep Dark
  • Mobs disappearing when sent by the player to a nether portal
  • Villagers in mangrove biomes having the default plains texture
  • Trader llamas having an incorrect name when opening the llama UI
  • Trader llamas ignoring the trader’s enemies and avoiding to spit towards them as intended
  • Piglins not getting angry when the player breaks a boat with chest near them
  • Slimes not spawning in flat worlds
  • Frogs laying eggs in incorrect places
  • Warden being unable to despawn when stuck in lava or water
  • Warden’s sonic boom not being strong enough to bypass armors enchanted with Protection or other similar enchantments
  • Froglight block’s walking sounds being too loud compared to their landing sounds
  • Amethyst blocks not making any sounds when hit by firework rockets.

Dear friends, this list can continue on many more pages, but we prefer stopping here because we know that you can’t wait to try the new version. Anyway, we are asking you to be patient for a couple more minutes because there is something about allays we must tell you about. This is the fact that now you can duplicate them. For this, you will need amethyst shards.


And now it is time to download the update and to share the news about its release with your friends.

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Clip Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

22 July, 2022
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