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Our subscribers have the possibility to download many different mods, textures, and other cool content free of charge, but of course, the most popular articles are those describing the latest game versions. Today you are lucky that you decided to visit us because we have information about a new full update called Minecraft PE 1.19.20.

Bugfixes in Minecraft Bedrock

We will not enlist all the bugs that have been detected lately, because the list is way too long, but it is our duty to let you know about the most serious ones. These are:

  • The heads of spectators rendering incorrectly
  • Capes and other such items being visible in Spectator Mode while they should not according to Java
  • Spectators having the capability to enter different dimensions through portals while they are not supposed to do so
  • Spectators having the capability to use emotes
  • Spectator players having invisible hands while holding certain items
  • The goat horn sounds being controlled by “Hostile Creatures”, not by “Jukebox/Note Blocks”
  • The list of blocks under “can place on” getting shuffled randomly after reclogging
  • Saddled pigs having incorrect tooltips
  • Hint “toggle perspective” displaying default assignments while it should display the user’s assignments
  • Lanterns distributing random point lights when Ray Tracing is enabled
  • Decorative veins and sculk catalysts having limits on what blocks they can be placed during the world generation
  • Sculk Catalysts dropping to many XP
  • Sensors reacting to boats even when they are not moving in water
  • Wardens not detecting some of the vibrations that the ensor does, for example flying mobs
  • Catalysts not making any sounds while blooming
  • Sensors, shriekers and wardens reacting to the firstly-produced vibrations instead of reacting to those that are closest to them
  • Trees not being able to grow correctly because of certain kinds of leaves, for example mangrove
  • Fire affecting bells while it is not supposed to
  • The smithing table making sounds similar to those made by anvils when used by villagers
  • New mangrove logs not being functional in crafting camp fires
  • Normal camp fires not being stackable
  • Allays collecting only armor items that have similar durability to the held one
  • Wardens refusing to fall more than three blocks unlike the wardens from Java
  • Bees getting stuck in non-full blocks when flying
  • Entity data not getting removed from world save when entities die
  •  Ender dragons having the ability to destroy operator blocks
  • Witches not spawning in witch huts
  • Ravagers refusing to destroy lush cave plants
  • Hostile piglins not turning neutral when seeing players in gold armor
  • Tadpoles flapping too fast when on land
  • All zombies being able to break doors, regardless of the game difficulty level


Dear friends, happily, the game developers managed to fix all these plus several other problems, including technical ones, so they will not prevent you from having a pleasant gameplay anymore.

Please share this wonderful news with other MCPE users and leave feedback if you have any questions or suggestions.

Keep visiting our website on a regular basis and you will always be up to date with the latest game-related updates. Enjoy your time!

Clip Trailer of  Minecraft Bedrock

11 August, 2022
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