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Our website is dedicated to those who cannot imagine their lives without Minecraft PE. If you are one of those people, welcome here! We follow Mojang Studio’s steps in making the game better and publish articles about them. Today we would like to tell you about the freshest update called Minecraft PE We hope you will find this information interesting and useful.

New fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This week the game developers fixed a number of problems, namely:

  • No possibility to modify the chosen control schemes in any way
  • Players being unable to jump up from the water when heading to a certain block located on land
  • Risk breaking the first block in creative by accident because the delay time period for this is too short (in case touch controls are used for this)
  • Impossibility to move and drop items in the inventory when using touch controls
  • Problems with splitting stacks in the inventory when using touch controls
  • Incorrect positioning of the status effects on some devices used for playing MCPE
  • Crash that can happen in case an animated structure is being loaded from structure block
  • Crash that can happen when loading arrows which do not have recognized data values
  • Command-related bugs affecting the teleporting processes
  • Ordinary and chest boats disappearing when in different kinds of portals
  • Forward button moving the player sideways when using VR
  • Achievements being displayed as “disabled” on certain world templates
  • Text-to-speech not working correctly on the new death screen
  • Unhandy way to find things in the Settings menu
  • Baby villagers refusing to take flowers from iron golems
  • Guardians floating in the air
  • Tamed mobs refusing to follow the player through nether portals
  • Grove biome not being classified correctly
  • Villagers in grove biomes spawning as ordinary villagers, not as their snow variant
  • Incorrect screen positioning on some devices
  • Usernames having a bigger size than they should
  • Pistons near void or build limits not working correctly
  • Redstone signal strength being calculated and displayed incorrectly
  • Huge warped and crimson fungi logs destroying blocks they should not
  • Falling blocks breaking if they fall on double slabs of any kinds
  • Wrong grass color in certain MCPE biomes
  • Mobs being able to spawn in deep dark biome and ancient city structures


Dear friends, the list of identified and resolved issues is longer, but, to give you more time to enjoy the new beta, we decided to write down only the most serious ones.

To download the update, use the button below the video trailer. We must mention that it is absolutely free of charge and you can even share this article with your friends so they can try it too.

Keep visiting us and you will also discover a lot of cool new mods, textures, and maps. Enjoy your time!

Clip Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

11 September, 2022
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