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We are proud of our collection of free mods, maps, and other content that we can offer to our subscribers but we realize that all of them are a bonus to the most loyal MCPE fans and they are more interested in the game’s updates. Today we want to share what we know about the new Minecraft PE and give you the chance to try it.

New changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Besides the fact that the game developers introduced additional overload to command /summon (extra rotation arguments), they have also resolved the following issues:

  • Evoker fangs not affecting ravagers in any way
  • Ravagers resisting water flows
  • Ravagers being slower than they should be
  • Fish, frogs, and tadpoles spinning in circles on mud blocks when they are in the water
  • Arrows and tridents that land on top of mud blocks shaking and making incorrect sounds
  • Swimming on mud blocks filling the user’s screen with mud textures
  • Mud block collision box being a full block
  • Dirt path collision being one pixel too high
  • Water bubble columns with trapdoors at top accumulating fatal damage
  • Farmland blocks not being suitable for planting sweet berries
  • Showdeathmessage gamerule not working when it is set to false
  • Inventory items dropping on the grey areas around the grids (this issue affects only certain kinds of inventories, for example crafting table)
  • Iron golems attacking through glass and walls
  • Water fog not being present in spectator mode


If you want to find out more detailed information about the described-above beta, watch the clip trailer.

To be informed about the upcoming game versions as soon as they are released, we recommend you subscribe to our website. Enjoy your time!

Clip Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock


18 September, 2022
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