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Minecraft PE 1.19.30

Usually, Mojang Studios releases one version per week, but sometimes, when we are lucky and they have enough reasons and inspiration to do so, they can release two game versions. This is one of those good weeks and in this article, we will describe the first update called Minecraft PE 1.19.30.

New options in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.30

In the last several weeks, the developers of the Mojang studios fixed a lot of problems affecting Minecraft Bedrock and the version we are talking about represents a collection of these fixes. Below we will enlist the most critical ones that you won’t have to face anymore after downloading and installing 1.19.30.

  • The bottom texture of the melon looking different from its top texture
  • Items in the hotbar doing the popup animation when durability decreases
  • Armor stands removing light blocks when spawn eggs are being used to spawn mobs in these blocks
  • Nothing dropping when chest boats are being killed with /kill command
  • Empty bowls and glasses not being stacked in the inventory after consuming stew and potions
  • Oak and mangrove fence gates not burning like any other wood fence gates
  • Hoglins and zoglins having hitboxes of the same size as pigs while they should be bigger
  • Sculk generating too rarely in ancient city structures
  • Cat heads being placed one pixel higher than they should when they are sitting
  • Villagers not showing their nametags while trading
  • Some sounds and music echoing and stuttering, for example, those made by zombies or those playing inside caves.
  • Access to the Marketplace and skins not being possible on some devices
  • Game freezing in the nether every time a baby strider rides an adult strider
  • Jurassic Park world making the game crash
  • Endermen playing angered sounds when a player using Creative mode looks at them
  • Allays breaking off their leashes after their owners enter the nether
  • The goat ram attack being incorrect compared to the one in the Java edition
  • Endermen teleporting outside and despawning in Sim distance 4
  • Allays and bees getting stuck on chains, lanterns and other blocks
  • Upper mud brick slabs not filling correctly
  • Banners not generating correctly in woodland mansions, end cities, and savanna villages
  • Floor coral fans looking incorrectly when placed facing north, northeast or northwest
  • Kelp and seagrass being classified as coral decorations even if they are not actual corals
  • Blocks requiring a support block not being displayed on the map on incomplete blocks and in the air
  • Iron bars not being present in the creative inventory
  • Piston arm animation being inconsistent and choppy
  • Dropped items getting stuck at the end of waterfalls
  • Blocks and items clipping through the fire overlay
  • Items with durability that have been changed in the anvil not being able to interact in the world
  • Texts inside nametags being offset
  • Leather armor item icons not rendering enchantment glint properly
  • Textures changing to pink when playing for long time periods

Besides all these and other several less critical bugs, the game developers also improved the Spectator Mode and made big changes, but we will let you discover them individually so as not to ruin the surprise.


Please be a good friend and share this article with other MCPE players so they can try the new version too. As a matter of fact, you can share any articles published on our website. Here you will find articles about beautiful textures, interesting maps, and cool mods and of course, each of them has a free download button. Enjoy your time!

Clip Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.19.30

24 September, 2022

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