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Minecraft Pocket Edition was updated quite quickly. The fact is that problems were detected in the work of the skin editor and not only. The developers of the mobile version of Minecraft needed to quickly take some action and release a game update in which bugs in the work of the skin editor will be fixed. They succeeded!

The team of developers who are working on the Minecraft Bedrock version 1.13 released the update beta quite quickly. Bugs were fixed in working with the skin editor, as well as other bugs. For example, there were problems when working with the command / help. There were also bugs in the behavior of horses, the player’s interaction with the fish.

You may have noticed that in previous versions of MCPE 1.13.0 beta objects were not correctly displayed in the character’s hand in the 3-person game mode. Now these and other bugs have been fixed. You can find the complete list of changes on this page below. The link to the apk file Minecraft PE is below!

  • We initially released this beta as version but released an updated build to address some performance issues on Xbox One

 What's new in Minecraft beta? 

  • Crashes/Performance
    • Improved performance when opening the inventory
    • Several performance improvements regarding block rendering
    • Fixed a crash that occurred after attacking a pufferfish
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when using the Character Creator
  • General
    • Partially fixed an issue that caused global resources not to be applied after relaunching the game
    • Equipped skins are once again retained after closing and relaunching the application
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed an issue with block updates on a waterlogged block triggering a Redstone update in the same chunk
    • Trying to ride a mob our mount no longer uses the item that is currently equipped
  • Mobs
    • End Crystals are once again visible in the world
    • Items in foxes' mouths no longer appear invisible
    • Decreased the fox's jump attack from 11 blocks to 5 blocks to match Java Edition
    • Fixed an issue that reverted horses to their old models and textures
  • Items
    • Items held in hand once again have the correct offset in third-person view
  • Character Creator
    • Several fixes and improvements to navigating the Character Creator when using a controller
    • Fixed body features becoming misaligned in the Character Creator
    • Fixed the Delete Character screen so it no longer has a transparent background
  • Commands
    • The '/particle' command once again functions properly
    • Fixed an error message that occurred when using the '/help' command
  • Add-Ons and Script Engine
    • `The boss health bar once again appears when creating a custom wither using Add-Ons

 Link to Minecraft apk coming soon 

We are waiting for the update MCPE  to be added to Google Play!
We will be the first to add the apk file Minecraft Pocket Edition! Please wait! 

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UPD: Minecraft has not been released for Android.. Recommended to download Minecraft beta!

26 September, 2019

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Admin27 September 2019, 11:54
Comment from the administration of the website! File will be available soon. You need to wait until MCPE is added to Google Play. After the file Minecraft appears in Google Play, we will add it to our website!
Iqbal4 October 2019, 15:10
Rangga20 November 2020, 06:25

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