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Addon Raptors Project 1.13

Unfortunately, there are no dinosaurs among us anymore, but we can always add them to our Minecraft PE and monitor their lives. Addon Raptors Project not only adds several custom species but also gives us the opportunity to experiment with breeding sub-species in order to obtain some new ones.

Features of addon Raptors Project

The addon will add the following species:

Velociraptor Mongoliensis. They spawn in savannas and in desert biomes. They will attack you in case they are not alone or if they have a baby one beside them. To tame one, use rabbit stew. To breed them, use raw mutton. Upon death, these dinosaurs drop feathers.


Velociraptor Osmolskae. These dinosaurs are able to climb on high walls and usually spawn in savannas. It can be tamed, bred, and drops the same items as the previous dinosaur. You can breed these two species to obtain a stronger hybrid.


Protoceratops Andrewsi. These are one of the most peaceful dinosaurs spawning in desert biomes. They can be tamed with beetroot soup and bred with golden carrots. Upon death, they drop leather.


Protoceratops Hellenikorhinus. These dinosaurs spawn in savanna biomes. They can be tamed and bred with the same items as Protoceratops Andrewsi. Upon death, they also drop leather.


Sinornithosaurus. These ones spawn in taiga biomes. They can be tamed with fermented spider eyes, bred with raw mutton and upon death, they drop feathers.


Liaoningosaurus. This is an aquatic species living in rivers. They can be tamed with cooked lycoptera, bred with salmon. Upon death, they drop scales.


Lycoptera. These fish-like dinosaurs also live in rivers. They can be caught with a water bucket and used as food for Liaoningosaururs.


Important! To use this awesome addon, enable Experimental Gameplay and make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions.

If you are ready to introduce the above-described dinosaurs to your Minecraft PE world, click on the behaviour and resource download buttons below, share the article with other players, and leave feedback.

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Download Addon Raptors Project Behaviour Pack [69.77 Kb] (downloads: 170)

Download Addon Raptors Project Resource Pack [2.52 Mb] (downloads: 155)



30 June, 2020

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