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Redstone Technology Add-on

If you want to add new and interesting technologies to the game world of Minecraft, then you need to install Redstone Technology addon.

Redstone Technology addon adds mechanical mobs to the world of Minecraft. Mechanical mobs like robots just made them more unique in the style of Minecraft.

Below you can read a more detailed description of each and new mobs. We also attached screenshots of new mobs.

Destroyer Mob
  • Shoots dozens of redstone bullets at the player
  • Targets players
  • 20 lives

Scorpion Mob
  • Shoots redstone poison and gives poison to the target for a few seconds
  • 20 lives
  • The spawn is cave

Flyborg Mob
  • Shoots redstone bullets at the target
  • 10 lives

Observer Mob
  • Targeting monsters
  • 100 lives
  • 20 attack damage

Redstorc Mob
  • Targeting monsters
  • Shoots redstone missiles
  • 100 lives
  • 20 attack demage

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Redstone Technology Add-on for Minecraft PE
Redstone Technology Behavior (.mcpack) [654.49 Kb] (downloads: 214)
Redstone Technology Resources (.mcoack) [3.27 Mb] (downloads: 246)

12 May, 2019

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Benjamín9 August 2019, 21:36
no soy un robot y estoy interesado en instalar es mod 
HELLPER1714 August 2019, 03:34
​​​​quiero descargarlo 
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