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Addon SERP Pokédrock 1.17

We already published two articles about Addon SERP Pokédrock on our website but its author continues to update his creation and to develop new features, so if you already tried everything offered by the previous addon versions, we invite you to see what’s new!

Changelog in addon SERP Pokédrock

Of course, we will start with the pokemons that thanks to this addon, will start living in your Bedrock world. Below you can see all of them.












And now let’s discuss the rest of the features.

After creating a new Bedrock world, you will get one object that you should use in a safe place, preferably a closed one. When you are done, you will meet Professor Oak. Read his instructions carefully and you will get a nice welcome kit.


Somewhere in your world, you will also find a Pokemon center. You can use this place to have a rest or to heal your pokemon.


Team Rocket and the Nitwit Villager will also be present in this addon. We hope you remember how to interact with them in order to obtain insignias, VS seekers, x and y factors, etc.




VS seeker. Using this object will help you detect pokemons that are available to fight with your pokemon.


You will also be able to craft a Pokedex that will allow you to find all the details about any pokemon in English, Portuguese, or Spanish.




You can test your luck with the Slot Machine. Insert coins and you can obtain a lot of useful stuff.



One of the new features introduced in this addon is the Bike. It will help you travel faster, jump, and carry pokemons in its basket.



The Berry trees are also here. As you probably remember, you can make them grow faster by mulching them. The obtained fruit can be used to craft rare candy and diverse potions.




By exploring the caves, you can still find the evolutionary minerals that can be broken in order to obtain rocks.


Fossilized rocks work in the same way as the evolutionary minerals, but after breaking them, you will get fossils.


These minerals can also be mined if you want to obtain stones and beautiful big shards.


Using a fossil, you will be able to craft your own laboratory, but mind that this does not always work from the first attempt, so we recommend you take more fossils with you, just in case.



You will also have great fun using a new device called the Roromarket. It will always be available when holding a pokedex, a coin, or a poketreat. You can use it to buy and sell different things. To change its shopping menu, bend over and interact with it.




The healing machine works as it did before, that is using trainer cards, but as you can notice from the photo below, it looks different.



You can still get access to the PC storage using the cards.



Now your pokemon can mega evolve! Follow the instructions below and admire its fantastic transformation.




You can disassemble the mega ring as shown below and you will get back all the used ingredients.



If you want your pokemon to evolve immediately, you can give it a bowl of candy.


Below you can see the trainer cards that you can use as mentioned above in this article.



One of the most important things are the pokeballs. As you know from the previous versions of this addon, to craft them you will need apricorn fruits.








Now you can make your pokemon happier by giving it Poketreats. You will find them in Pokestops.


The Pokerides used to ride your pokemon also look different, but can be obtained in the same way, that is, by buying them from the PC using coins.


The Pokestops we mentioned above can be found in different places all over your gaming world. When they are active, they can drop a lot of bubbles containing different surprises, for example, pokeballs, money, etc.


Dear Pokemon fans, we really hope you will enjoy all this addon’s new features. To download it, click on the behavior and resource pack buttons below the article and let the Pokemon adventure start again!

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Download Addon SERP Pokédrock Behavior Pack [1.51 Mb] (downloads: 165)

Download Addon SERP Pokédrock Resource Pack [10.85 Mb] (downloads: 178)



21 September, 2021
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