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Addon Bridge 1.16.221

Bridges not only help us cross rivers but also look good. Thanks to Addon Bridge, you will learn how to craft them. This way, your Bedrock world will definitely become nicer.

How to use addon Bridge

All the bridges offered by this addon can be crafted, but mind that some of them are made from two pieces while others are more complex and are made of four pieces. Anyway, there is nothing complicated if you know how to use the crafting table and have the required materials.

The bridges can be crafted from bricks, stone, metal, or wood.






Of course, the choice of wooden bridges is wider because there are so many wood variations in Minecraft Bedrock. This way, you will be able to obtain the following kinds of wooden bridges:

  • Bamboo Bridge



  • Warped Bridge


  • Crimson Bridge


  • Acacia Bridge


  • Jungle Wood Bridge


  • Dark Oak Bridge


  • Simple Oak Bridge


  • Spruce Bridge


And here are the crafting recipes.




In case you can’t stand crafting or you just don’t have time to do this, you can obtain all these bridges using command /function all_bridges.

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2 February, 2022
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