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How To Train Your Dragon Addon

This addon adds new types of dragons to the game. You can spawn dragons using eggs to spawn dragons. you can get eggs for dragon creation in the inventory of the creative mode. Also, in the latest versions of this addon, the developer added spawn eggs. Eggs for creating dragons can be found in the world of Minecraft.

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How To Train Your Dragon Add-on for Minecraft PE
How To Train Your Dragon (.mcaddon) [1.18 Mb] (downloads: 281)

22 September, 2019

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Geo_cookies14 December 2019, 16:53
yo dude can u pls tell us how to train them?
kerem29 December 2019, 21:35
Bu mod bunun gerçekten iyi i aşk grafikleri olduğunu

Daniel30 January 2020, 03:17
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