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Custom Sea Lanterns Addon

If you want even more sea lanterns, then use this addon. This addon adds new crafting recipes for marine lanterns. With the help of new crafting recipes, you can create custom marine lanterns that will have different color shades and engraving.

Sealantern + blue dye 
Sealantern + green dye 
Sealantern + red dye 
Sealantern + purple dye 
Sealantern + gold nugget 
Sealantern + glass bottle 
Sealantern + arrow 
Sealantern + iron pickaxe 
Sealantern + iron chestplate 
Sealantern + pink tulip 
Sealantern + eye of ender 
Sealantern + skeleton head 
Sealantern + creeper head

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Custom Sea Lanterns Add-on for Minecraft PE
Custom Sea Lanterns (.mcaddon) [18.75 Kb] (downloads: 154)

28 September, 2019
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