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More Biomes Vanilla b+

More Biomes Vanilla b + — this addon adds even more biomes to the game Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now you will have a new task - to explore new lands. Each of their new biomes is unique. You have not seen such biomes yet, so we recommend installing More Biomes Vanilla b + add-on and enjoy the game. Below you can see screenshots of new biomes, as well as their name!

Ice Mountains (Montanhas de Gelo)

Frozen dunes (Dunas Congeladas)

Tropical steep desert (Deserto Tropical Íngreme)

Dirty Desert With Flowers (Deserto Sujo Com Flores)

Ground Plane (Plano Aterrado)

Muddy Desert (Deserto Lamaçento)

Cold Tundra (Tundra Gelada)

Nether Biome (Bioma do Nether)

Bamboo Groves (Bosques de Bambu)

Flooded Plain (Planície Alagada)
Sweet Berries Tropical Forest (Bosque Tropical de Frutas Vermelhas)
The screenshots that are published above are simply mesmerizing. Perhaps this is the coolest addon in recent times, which has been added to this website. I hope you also liked this addon. More add-ons for Minecraft Bedrock you will find in the section add-ons for MCPE! You can also download maps, textures, skins and seeds in the corresponding sections!
More Biomes Vanilla b+ Add-on for Minecraft PE
More Biomes Vanilla b+ (.mcaddon) [733.49 Kb] (downloads: 267)

28 October, 2019
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