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Texture Pack Bare Bones PvP 1.14

Our TEXTURES section provides a lot of texture packs, some of them making the player’s  MCPE worlds simpler, some – more realistic and complex. The pack we will present to you today, that is Texture Pack Bare Bones PvP is focused only on the environment within PvP games.

How does Texture Pack Bare Bones PvP work

Texture Pack Bare Bones PvP has to be installed on top of the basic Bare Bones Textures, already famous among the Minecraft PE PvP players. The present pack will slightly simplify the in-game textures, thus minimizing the pressure on the device you use for playing and making your MCPE experience smoother.

The pack will also introduce outlined ores, diverse particles and one kind of new short swords called daggers.




Please watch the video trailer below before downloading the texture pack, share it with your friends that are interested in PvP games too and leave feedback.

If you want to explore more MCPE-related stuff like mods and maps, all of them with free download buttons, visit our website. Here you will also find the latest game versions. Have a nice MCPE experience!

Video Trailer of Texture Pack Bare Bones PvP

Download Texture Pack Bare Bones PvP [6.01 Mb] (downloads: 678)

Download Basic Bare Bones Textures [6.76 Mb] (downloads: 470)



17 March, 2020
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