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MazinPack 8×8 Texture pack

MazinPack textures have a reduced resolution of 8x8 pixels. For comparison, standard textures are made in a resolution of 16x16 pixels. But despite the fact that MazinPack textures have a lower resolution, they look great. These textures make Minecraft graphics more fun and exciting. Below in the screenshots you can see an example of how the MCPE graphics will look after these textures are applied to the Minecraft world!

MazinPack 8 × 8 are awesome textures that you must download! If you did not like these textures, you can choose for yourself other textures that you like.

Also, if you want to play some funny card for Minecraft, then go to the section map for MCPE. Here are some more links to the main sections of our website: add-ons, maps, seeds and skins!
MazinPack 8×8 for Minecraft PE
Download MazinPack 8×8 (.mcpack) [4.82 Mb] (downloads: 167)

4 October, 2019

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Myla Cambiaso
Myla Cambiaso16 October 2019, 00:37
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