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Last week a beta with many technical and other changes was released and this was Minecraft PE Traditionally, it took about seven more days to develop one more update, this time Minecraft PE This time the MCPE developers continued to work on the technical features but also paid special attention to several problems affecting the achievement screen.

Bugfixes in Minecraft Bedrock

While working on the present beta, the MCPE developers along with the most loyal players detected very many problems, most of them affecting the achievement screen. These were:

  • The played time not being displayed properly on the screen
  • Not exact focus persistency noticed when switching from All tabs
  • Lack of support for the Back mouse button when exiting the achievements screen
  • Lack of support for the Escape button occurring in the same situation
  • Input legend for a tab being always open, even when it shouldn’t
  • Not enough acceleration to focus the navigation
  • A bug making the scrollbar appear even when it shouldn’t
  • Achievements not showing after timeout
  • Not exact calculation of the player’s rewards

Of course, all these and more issues affecting the achievements screen were fixed, but this is not all. The developers also removed the following problems:

  • Text-to-speech failing to read the messages on some devices
  • Maps not appearing in the list of items when the MCPE player uses command /clear
  • Sign-in button being unresponsive in some situations
  • Cobblestone not being a basic ingredient for crafting stone tools


  • Too loud horn sound during raids
  • Incorrect sound playing when breaking item frames
  • Incorrect sound playing when placing them

In addition to all these fixes, the developers made very many technical changes that would be very interesting for the add-on creators and to those interested in everything that is related to the script engine.

To find out more details about the present beta version, we recommend you to watch the video trailer below.

To avoid unpleasant situations, we also recommend you to make copies of your existing MCPE worlds before installing the present one. You should also know that while trying a beta version, you cannot play with other players who use full versions and in Realms.

Now, if you are ready to try the version, hit the download button, share the news with all your friends, and leave feedback.

By visiting our website on a regular basis, you will always be up to date with the latest game versions and with the most popular mods, texture packs, and other cool articles with download buttons. Have a great time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock


20 September, 2020

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Ember21 September 2020, 09:40
Es la mejor opción de tener Minecraft ?? para los mejores jugadores

deivis arias daza
deivis arias daza22 September 2020, 05:36
No sé cómo descargar Minecraft aquí

Adrian27 September 2020, 01:52
No se como descargarlo
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