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The last beta version which is Minecraft PE brought us very many game updates and fixed a lot of problems that could prevent us from having a nice and smooth MCPE experience. This week, the Mojang team continued its mission and released another beta called Minecraft PE We must mention that this update is even more complex and contains even more features than the last one.

Bugfixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The new beta brought very many fixes, as well as some changes and even three new commands. Because the list of features is incredibly long, we will tell you only about the ones that might interest you most, but if you want to find out more details, you can watch the video trailer below the article.

  • The crashes occurring while playing plus one that used to happen because of the achievement screen were all resolved
  • Chunk loading process was improved
  • Bug making Nether portals break in specific situations was removed
  • Generation of Basalt pillars in Nether biomes was improved
  • Generation of loot chests from the End City was improved
  • Error not letting the “Beaconator” achievement unlock was resolved
  • Error not letting the “Archer” trophy unlock was resolved
  • The spawn radius of all the mobs depends on the map draw range now
  • The trading villagers spawned in the previous versions were fixed
  • The farmers' productivity when harvesting and performing other land work was increased


  • The phantoms will have a special sound when flying now
  • Striders are now able to jump on magma blocks
  • After returning from the Nether biome, the player’s leashed animals will remain leashed
  • The hive and bee nest textures were improved
  • The item names display was fixed
  • The crafting items’ display was improved
  • The durability of any item is now displayed immediately after it is crafted
  • Finally, the player can try taming baby animals even before they grow up


  • The mob heads and the bee eggs displayed incorrectly in the inventory previously were fixed
  • Netherite armor no longer loses durability when standing on Magma blocks

Like we told you, there are even more changes, but you will probably discover them all by installing and trying this version. Before doing this, remember to back up your existing MCPE builds if you want to access them in the future.

We really hope you will enjoy the release of this week and if you do, please share the article with other MCPE users and leave feedback.

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Video of MCPE

26 September, 2020
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