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Minecraft 1.11.4

The team of Mojang together with Microsoft released the update Minecraft 1.11.4 for Android devices and Nintendo Switch. There are no special features in this update, except for fixing bugs.

The most interesting thing is that the developers have published a list of changes only for Nintendo Switch devices. Unfortunately we do not have information about what is new in Minecraft 1.11.4 for android devices.

List of changes in Minecraft 1.11.4
  • Fixed several crashes on Nintendo Switch that could occur during gameplay, especially surrounding villager job site blocks
  • Fixed issues with Marketplace maps so 'villager_v2' works in command selectors again, targeting both V1 and V2 villagers

List of changes in MCPE 1.11.4 (Nintendo Switch)
This list of changes was ported from the version of Minecraft PE 1.11.3. The developers made these changes to Minecraft 1.11.4 for Nintendo Switch devices.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when mobs found the nearest attackable mob
  • When converting from V1 to V2, villagers now keep their XP level
  • Villagers cured of zombification can no longer change their profession if they have enough XP
  • Another fix for villagers changing their professions when they're not supposed to
  • Fixed pathfinding so when an entity can't float, swim, or be amphibious, it can still walk at the bottom of water
  • Fixed gamertags and gamerpics of Realms members not appearing on the members list
  • The Realms members list no longer returns to the first page when navigating to another page
  • When using commands, the villager and zombie_villager target selectors now target both V1 and V2 mob types

Here is such a small list of changes for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.11.4! This update is "amazing" with only a few edits for Nintendo Switch devices and no information for Android players. Nevertheless, this is the latest and most stable version of Minecraft 1.11.4!

If you want to install some addons on Minecraft PE 1.11.4 - go to the MCPE add-ons section! We also have maps, textures, skins and seeds for Minecraft. Leave your feedback about our website in the comments.

Minecraft PE 1.11.4 for Android

Minecraft 1.11.4 release
Download Minecraft PE 1.11.4 [83.34 Mb] (downloads: 9750)

29 May, 2019

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David6 July 2019, 09:57
I want minecraft
Gary18 May 2020, 14:45
hi sow I download minecraft put it didn't work i don't know why it says to me: application not download.I DON'T KNOW WHY!?!?

Qureshi22 May 2020, 13:24

Very good app
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