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Minecraft PE 1.16.100

Minecraft PE 1.16.100 represents one of those legendary game versions that will assure us a very smooth and nice gameplay and the possibility to play in Realms and with other players who also use full versions. The builds created in this version will be very stable comparing to those created in beta versions. The best thing about the present update is that all who follow our website can download and enjoy it for free.

MCPE 1.16.100 contains dozens of useful fixes, interesting changes, new commands and possibilities for the addon and map creators to do their work in an easier and more interesting way.

The Experimental Options introducing us to some features from the upcoming game versions that we talked about starting with Minecraft PE were also improved.


New features in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.100

Some of the new game features may seem familiar to you because they were presented in the earlier beta versions, but the present one gathers the new and already developed ones in a single update, this giving us the possibility to enjoy them all at once. Below you can see the most noticeable ones:

  • The Achievements Screen was totally modified to make it look better and easier to access.
  • The possibility to use your achievements in order to obtain a lot of new items from the Character Creator
  • New sounds for the turtles when they lay eggs and for the phantoms when they are using their wings
  • The possibility to obtain cooked fish by killing salmons and other fish
  • The possibility to see warped fungi growing not only in warped woods, but also in crimson ones
  • Modified behavior, aesthetical changes and possibilities regarding some Nether mobs, including the piglins, piglin brutes, and hoglins. Their babies were also subject to some modifications, for example, their head size.
  • Another great new feature regarding the Nether babies: now players can tame them
  • Striders having a health of twenty now
  • More glistering melons in those Ruined Portals chests that previously contained only one piece
  • Possibility to use lanterns even if you are underwater
  • More features regarding the Nether to make it more similar to the one from the game’s Java edition
  • Possibility to craft a brewing stand using blackstone
  • Basalt blocks taking more time to be destroyed and basalt remaining untouched when attacked by fireballs coming from ghasts
  • Modified the dolphins’ drying out rate
  • Possibility to compost plants growing in the Nether

News for the Addon and Map Creators

If you are a map maker or/and an addon creator, you will discover many new possibilities to help you in your work. Some of them are:

  • Better templates with new documentation, behaviors, and resources
  • New commands, namely “/structure”, “/music”, “/camerashake”, “/playanimation”, “/clearspawnpoint”,”/event”, “/fog” and “/ride”
  • Improved and fixed existing commands, namely “/spawnpoint” and “/execute”
  • Introduced a new component called “minecraft:placement_filter” to give you the possibility to set conditions for the place you want to place blocks
  • Added more support for the item json events for the “run_command” and “execute_command” keywords
  • Improved Actor properties
  • Possibility to create music to play in Jukeboxes
  • Renamed a number of items

Technical Changes

The MCPE developers also worked on the technical part of the game: 

  • Modified some features of the “minecraft:behavior.summon_entity”
  • Added several new components: BlockRaycast, BlockCollision, Blockproperty and others
  • Removed a bug affecting the “start_delay” fields
  • Divided the MoveTowardsRestrictionGoal into two smaller goals


In addition to all the hard work described above, the developers also fixed an incredible number of problems affecting the users’ gameplay. Some of the most serious issues were:


  • A number of errors making the game crash
  • The fact that the Nintendo Switch users had difficulties joining other games on this console
  • An error making the MCPE world disappear from the list of worlds sometimes (affecting only the Xbox One users)
  • Several issues not letting players obtain the “beaconator”, “super fuel”, and “archer” achievements even if all the requirements for this are met by the player
  • Lack of chests and enderchests in End Cities
  • Bug affecting the sound when entering waters



  • The fishing rod not getting cast when a mob is near it


  • Mobs managing ranged weapons dropping ordinary loot, for example, arrows and bones instead of swords, bows, armor and so on
  • Monsters spawning only during the nighttime instead of spawning regardless of the time and weather
  • Foxes not getting any damage when interacting with berry bushes
  • Vex being too slow and less aggressive than it should be
  • Blazes spawned from blaze spawners having no path finding
  • Snow golems not giving the carved pumpkin back to the player when sheared
  • Dolphins failing to move towards the water when on land. This issue also affects turtles
  • Ghasts spawning only when the light level is below eight
  • Some mobs not being able to find a way out of the lava
  • Some mobs, for example villagers that are riding minecarts being able to control them
  • Poor performance of villagers when working with crops
  • Striders failing to jump on magma blocks when controlled by a player with a fungus on stick

Items and Blocks

  • Pillagers and Vindicators not dropping iron pickaxes in raids
  • Issue preventing players from using spawn eggs on underwater monster spawners
  • Durability not being assigned to crafted items
  • Impossibility to craft “thing banner pattern” with enchanted golden apples from the chest loot
  • Many blocks appearing with the wrong color in the map
  • Totems of Undying not giving the expected effects upon death
  • Dragon eggs not dropping when broken by explosions
  • Smelted items containing incorrect damage value
  • Bee nests sometimes generating from saplings, not from trees
  • Possibility to place cocoa beans only on jungle logs.
  • Top layer of water texture becoming invisible when it is under a honey or slime block

Dear subscribers and guests, we made our best to describe the most important changes brought by this version. To try it, click on the download button below but don’t forget to share the news about its release with your friends, and to leave feedback.

Visit us on a regular basis and you will always be among the first to find out the freshest news about your favorite game and to discover many free maps, textures, and more. Enjoy your time!

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.100 [122.66 Mb] (downloads: 711)

19 November, 2020
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