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After the fantastically long list of changes brought by the previously released full game version, that is Minecraft PE 1.16.100, we sincerely thought that the MCPE developers would prefer to take a break and rest after all the hard work, but they decided to surprise us only a few days after that grand release by bringing us another update. Minecraft PE is a beta bringing eleven fixes, three of them being about the vanilla parity, four affecting the technical part of the game, and the rest of them being general changes.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Vanilla parity fixes:

To make some game features be similar to those in the Java edition of the game, the developers carried out the following things:

  • Made basalt resistant to the ghast’s attacks (when using fireballs)
  • Made the process of basalt destruction slightly longer
  • Decided to make the Dragon Egg droppable when destroyed in an explosion


Technical fixes:

These changes may seem unnoticeable by most of the MCPE users, but we assure you that they are important.

  • Modified the player’s hitbox size while swimming because it was obviously too small previously
  • A problem affecting the generation of spawn eggs in template worlds was fixed
  • Introduced notifications for the players who intend to use large data-driven blocks
  • Introduced a limit to the number of log messages that can be processed

Other changes:

  • Resolved an issue affecting the Switch users when loading certain resource packs
  • Decided that the max render chunk distance will be always of sixteen
  • Resolved an issue caused by the /fill command
  • Re-introduced the Founder’s Cape in the cape collection in the dressing room

Dear Minecraft PE players, if you want to download this version, use the button below the trailer, share this article with your friends, and leave feedback.

Visit our website on a regular basis and you will always find out about the latest game updates among the first. Moreover, you will have the chance to try many free mods, maps, etc. Enjoy your time!

Video of MCPE 

21 November, 2020
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