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Dear subscribers and guests, we hope you managed to enjoy the new features brought by Minecraft PE which were the dripstone blocks and the sculk sensor. We consider these new features very interesting. Today, in Minecraft PE, you will discover other two new features: a new material and a rod that attracts lightning strikes. We hope you will like experimenting with them too.

Of course that besides creating the new features, the MCPE developers dedicated a part of their precious time to make several essential changes related to the game and to fix a number of bugs and crashes.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

Let us start with what’s new:

  • Copper. Now you can use this material for crafting. It not only looks good, but it is also very durable. To find copper ores, you should mine like for any other ore. They can be transformed into ingots (using the furnace) and the ingots can be transformed into blocks (crafting table) and this is not all. The blocks can be crafted into cut copper, cut copper stairs, and cut copper slabs. There is a very interesting feature characterizing the copper: it has the ability to oxidize. This can happen to different degrees. Fortunately, the player can solve the items, but only if the degree of oxidation is not too advanced. For this, he/she should use honeycombs to wax the copper objects. This is done on the crafting table. There is another way to get rid of the oxidation, which is to introduce the copper into a dispenser loaded with honeycombs. Starting with this version, the drowned will drop copper ores upon death.


  • The Lightning Rod. The second feature introduced in this beta version is this awesome lightning rod that you can create using copper blocks. The crafting recipe is displayed below. As soon as crafted, this rod will attract all the lightning strikes taking place in a radius of sixty-four blocks around it. The player can also make a strike hit this rod by throwing a trident at it.


Comparing to these new features, the rest of the changes and fixes seem unimportant but let us mention the most noticeable ones. This time, the MCPE developers fixed the following issues:

  • Slight lagging when the MCPE user accesses his/her inventory and when crafting
  • Screen reader failing to inform the players about the opened chat settings
  • User interface screen reader failing to recognize some titles from the Permissions Screen
  • Many bugs affecting command /clone, for example when using it on blocks of the same kind
  • A bug making the players get injured when they open shulker boxes
  • Structure blocks in the overworld rendering their bounding boxes in the nether dimension
  • Not enough video messages informing about the settings related to ray tracing
  • The durability bar becoming invisible when the player holds any item with that does not have a high durability
  • Audio sliders not being highlighted when the user hovers over them
  • Several issues, including a game crash occurring when using structure blocks.

Dear friends, to learn more detailed information about the new beta, you can watch the video trailer below this article.

Please be generous and share the news about the new game update with all your Bedrock friends, and leave feedback.

If you want to be always up to date with the newest game versions and to try dozens of free maps, mods, and other surprises, visit our website and enjoy your time!

Video of MCPE


Download Minecraft PE [114.43 Mb] (downloads: 155)

30 January, 2021
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