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There was so much talk about the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update and several weeks ago, the Mojang Studios team finally started releasing Caves and Cliffs betas. Everything started with Minecraft PE when they removed several experimental features from under the experimental toggle and added amethysts. Today we will explore Minecraft PE and you will notice that even if there are no new features, many existing ones were subject to updates. Besides this, like they always do, the developers fixed the problems preventing players from having a smooth gameplay.

New fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

In this beta, the MCPE developers fixed the following problems:

  • Shulkers not being able to teleport away when attacked below 0=y
  • Mineshafts at –y not containing any minecarts with chests
  • Axolotls moving during their death-pretending game when leashed and being able to play dead even when they are on land, this not being their planned specific characteristic
  • Skeletons receiving freeze damage when inside powder snow while they should transform into strays after a while
  • Mobs being unable to pathfind on top of powder snow
  • Mining time for powder snow being different from that in the Java edition of the game
  • Powder snow supporting Scaffolding
  • Azalea leafs not dropping themselves when broken
  • Flowering azalea leafs not dropping themselves when broken
  • Outdated textures of raw ores, compasses, and clocks
  • Spore blossoms being able to survive in water, this feature not being introduced intentionally
  • Wrong sound and graphical effects for waxing/dewaxing copper
  • Leaves rendering incorrectly when placed on copper slabs
  • Normal and glow squids not emitting any sounds when dropping ink
  • Old dyed signs shining brighter than the new ones
  • Very low chances to obtain screamer goats when breeding a screamer goat with a normal one
  • Offhand items not being rendered normally when looked at through a spy glass
  • Stalactites filling cauldrons with water too slowly
  • Piglins admiring only normal gold ores while ignoring the raw gold ones
  • Rooted dirt transforming into farmland blocks as soon as tilled
  • Spy glass being placed in the wrong Creative inventory tab (now you can find it in the Equipment tab)
  •  Falling blocks not breaking when interacting with shulkers
  • A bug not allowing users to scale the cursor’s sensitivity
  • A bug not letting users reassign the “E” key in the keyboard settings
  • Command /kick not working normally when the command blocks and cheats are enabled


These are the most important fixes and changes that may interest you as an MCPE player, but if you are an addon creator or/and a map maker, the beta also contains several surprises developed especially for you. The best ones are the introduction of a Volume experimental feature. With its help, you will be able to add and control different volumes in the gaming world, for example, the fog volume. Another new feature is a flag called “use_simplified_breeding” added to the “minecraft.genetics” component. You can use it to exclude the possibility of the baby mob inheriting different unwanted alleles. In one word, it is developed to make breeding easier.

Dear MCPE users, now that you learned about this version’s features, it is time to try it, but don’t forget to make a copy of your existing worlds first because as you probably already know, beta versions replace the user’s work in progress and this means that you risk losing everything you have worked on until now unless you back up your builds.

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Stay tuned, because very soon we will publish an article with a free download button about an amazing map featuring a prehistoric park, but until then, you can explore our Maps, Mods, and other tabs. We guarantee you will discover a lot of cool game-related stuff that will make your Bedrock experience even more fascinating. Enjoy your time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

8 May, 2021

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