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We have been waiting for a new game version for more than a week and here it is! Minecraft PE is the first update of this summer and probably the last beta before the long-awaited Caves & Cliffs update! Unfortunately, the present beta cannot be enjoyed by the Android users, but the MCPE developers related that multiplayer with Minecraft PE which is the previous beta is still compatible with the present one.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

In this version, the developers decided that it is time to give players the possibility to place normal and flowering azalea in pots. They also carried out several technical updates in regards to the data-driven mobs, chunks, and GameTest Framework.


Like always, the developers also had to fix a number of problems. The most serious ones were:

  • Crashes taking place when the users break blocks, kill mobs, and perform other actions in a world where the Caves and Cliffs option is on
  • Diamond ores generating with a wrong distribution
  • Glow lichens dropping incorrect items when cut off using shears
  • Impossibility to use frosted ice in  any command that accepts blocks, for example /setblock
  • Enchanted cost penalty not getting reset properly after the user disenchants items with grindstones
  • Wrong color of underwater fog in certain biomes
  • Pumpkins being refused by villagers while trading with them
  • Several issues preventing players from applying glow and normal ink sacs on signs and unacceptable results of this action
  • Jukeboxes not ejecting discs properly
  • Tempted goats and other tempted animals having a wrong walking speed
  • Wrong fall damage reduction of goats
  • Goats failing to ram on slime/honey blocks
  • Strays not dropping the correct items when being destroyed by charged creepers
  • Wrong bastion loot
  • Players being able to float in the air as if they are swimming
  • Baby sea turtles despawning when the player walks away from them
  • Baby horses, mulls, donkeys, and other animals from the same category being too short
  • Amphibious mobs getting stuck when walking on slabs
  • Button “Reset to Default” not working correctly
  • A spelling error affecting the text in the How to Play Loom section

Dear friends, all the above-listed problems have been successfully resolved.

Please don’t forget that you cannot try this version if you are using an Android device to play. If you are not, go on and install it, but first, remember to back up your existing worlds if you want to avoid the risk of losing them.

Please be generous and inform your friends about this game update and all its features and leave feedback letting us know what you think about it.

Subscribe to our website and we promise that you will be among the first players to find out about the upcoming game versions. We will also let you try the newest and most popular maps, mods, and other surprises for free. Enjoy your time!

Video of MCPE

5 June, 2021

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