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We are pleased to inform you of great news. Mojang developers who are working on the latest version of Minecraft for portable devices have released the update Minecraft Pocket Edition

After the developers released the update Minecraft v1.13.0.2 a sufficiently large number of bugs were found. For two weeks, the developers worked on updating MCPE in which they fixed more than 60 bugs that were found in MCPE

We recommend that you download the update Minecraft Bedrock for Android from the link below. You can download this version of the game on this website for free.

Changes in Minecraft PE
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing mobs to despawn randomly
    • Players no longer fall through opening shulker boxes and pistons
    • Items that have been smelted can now be crafted and stacked correctly
    • Buttons are now craftable from recipe book again 
  • Graphical
    • Fixed cloud shading
    • Fixed an issue with water not rendering correctly on some servers
    • Fixed the flame height issue when player in on fire
    • Multiple blocks no longer change colour to black when moved by pistons
    • Using ‘/fill’ and ‘/clone’ commands with glass structures now render correctly 
  • User Interface
    • Fixed directional arrow controls when using full keyboard gameplay setting
    • Removed accessibility tab from create world screen 
  • Add-Ons and Script Engine
    • Ducks can once again be hit by the player in the MINECON 2018 Pack (not that you would, of course!)
    • Fixed the positioning of particles that were only showing correctly when centered on screen
    • Adding back-compatibility for old player animation flags
    • Experimental UI is registered as trusted pack
    • Fixed horse rein positioning and rotation in certain packs
    • Fixed an issue with nested behaviour pack definitions not running correctly
    • Fixed an issue with minimum compatible versions of certain packs not working correctly 
    • Timer component now works on vanilla projectiles
    • ‘minecraft:spell_effects’ no longer trigger a second timer 
    • Fixed an issue with the ‘must_see_forget_duration’ component not working 
    • Fixed an entity collision issue that was affecting some marketplace maps
    • Invisible end rods (variant 6) used in various marketplace maps are now invisible again

On this page we published the full list of changes to Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android. Above, you could read the full list of changes to Minecraft PE

If you need to install any add-ons for Minecraft, then go to the section add-ons for MCPE! Also on our website you can see the following sections: maps, texture packs, seeds, skins and guides. In the news section we publish the latest information about the game Minecraft!

Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft release
Download Minecraft PE [87.86 Mb] (downloads: 13212)

27 July, 2019

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I wanna play Minecraft 

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