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A big part of the Caves and Cliffs aspects have been offered to be explored in Minecraft PE 1.17.0. That was the first part of this legendary update. Because there are so many new biomes, mobs, materials, and other cool features, naturally we are facing more bugs affecting our gameplay lately. Happily, the game developers are making a very good job at fixing them and today, in Minecraft PE, you will have the chance to learn about the latest ones. Besides this, the release contains very important news for those who love playing in caves, so we recommend you read this article to the end.

Bug fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

By installing the new beta, you will notice that the following issues have been resolved:

  • A few crashes
  • The crafting estimates from the recipe book being slightly different from the actual results
  • A warning message telling about the experimental features being showed every time players load beta worlds
  • Cursor items counting towards the Recipe book ingredients
  • Recipes remaining selected even when the player detects that he/she lacks the required ingredients to craft them
  • Recipe book containing even non-craftable recipes when players use the search mechanism
  • An error message telling about a wireless connection being showed to the players who use an internet connection that requires a wire
  • Multiple spelling errors noticed in the Character Creator
  • Widget buttons displaying a corrupted appearance before complete load
  • Several errors affecting the Japanese font
  • Incorrect tooltip terms being showed when riding animals on devices without a touch screen
  • Piston-moved blocks turning white
  • Enchantment table turning black when rendering
  • Light blocks being displayed incorrectly if held
  • Items in the player’s hand not disappearing when he/she dies
  • Nether portals and other things that are placed between chunks breaking
  • Shears not cutting vines fast enough (as they do in the Java edition)
  • Twisting/weeping vines not growing after being cut
  • Axolotls spawning in bubble columns and presenting other spawning errors
  • Armor stands not dropping the items that are equipped on them when destroyed by lava
  • Excessive phantom spawn rate
  • Goats ram impact sounds playing only two sounds
  • Incorrect name of the Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Dispensers not removing bubble columns
  • Sea pickles remaining of the same color all the time
  • Torches not melting snow

These fixes are the most important ones, but if you want to find out more, watch the video trailer.

And now, it is time to reveal the great news brought by the present beta: from now on the cave-living hostile mobs will spawn only in absolute darkness, so you can use any light sources to explore the caves as long as you like without fearing that some monster will spawn and attack you. To benefit from this opportunity, enable Experimental Gameplay.


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Clip Trailer of MCPE

Download Minecraft PE [124.92 Mb] (downloads: 3)

23 July, 2021
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