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You didn’t have much time to fully enjoy all the versions released lately, but we hope you will find a little place for the new one called Minecraft Bedrock Like in Minecraft Bedrock, the game developers focused on fixing the bugs affecting the caves and Cliffs features, but the general graphics, the technical aspect of the game, and the old blocks, items, and mobs have also been subject to some correction work.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

There are no new mobs, blocks, or items in this beta, but instead, you will discover that the following issues have been successfully resolved:

  • Game crashing when creating a crafting table when the gameplay tooltips are on
  • Ctrl+V not working in the book and quill
  • Wrong message being displayed when loading certain structures via command /structure
  • Marketplace and Dressing room not being very easy to navigate (new sidebars have been added)
  • IME not working properly when suspending the MCPE game (affecting only the Windows 10 users)
  • Usage of Ctrl+B for enabling text-to-speech making the emote wheel appear
  • Slime block slowdown movement not applying to the player
  • Honey block slowdown movement not applying to the player
  • Wrong spore blossom hitbox
  • Pointed dripstones filling cauldrons with potions
  • Moss carpet and blocks not breaking when pushed by a piston
  • Lightning striking mobs through multiple blocks
  • Goat’s horns disappearing when reloading the game
  • Horses becoming invisible when dismounting them
  • Mobs not being able to walk on amethyst buds
  • Wrong generation of shulkers in en cities
  • Zombies not burning near powder snow during the daytime
  • Impossibility to put certain potions in the brewing stand
  • Content error appearing when holding shields in the Marketplace
  • Entity movement being jittery from a distance
  • Fall damage caused death occurring when using end portals in survival mode

Happily, all these plus several other less serious bugs have been fixed so we can have a nice and smooth gameplay. Moreover, several technical updates have been carried out to make the work of the content creators more productive.


Please note that while you try this beta, you won’t be able to play with people who use a full version and in Realms. Also remember to make copies of your existing builds before installing this one because otherwise, you may lose them.

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Trailer of MCPE

Download Minecraft PE [125.76 Mb] (downloads: 2)

24 July, 2021

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