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A few days ago we discussed Minecraft PE 1.17.11. Its list of changes was kind of disappointing considering its size. Today we will explore Minecraft PE which is a beta and it brings more bug fixes.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

By installing this update, you will find out that the following problems have been removed:

  • Sky penetrating through building ceilings and walls when fog is enabled
  • Ability to place a lot of candles on places where is no support block, this not being a normal thing
  • Villagers refusing to accept pumpkins while trading
  • Impossibility to waterlog blocks
  • Unicode font not being highlighted correctly on signs
  • Shulker boxes disappearing from dispensers when these are placed on map limits
  • Medium-sized magma cubes having an incorrect collision boxes
  • Large magma cubes, slimes, and ghasts spawning in places that is too small for them
  • Impossibility to spawn wither at negative altitudes (with Experimental Features on)
  • Mobs in structure block previews being displayed in a strange way
  • Skeletons failing to use both arms when holding their bows
  • Chorus fruit making players suffer from fall damage if they eat it while gliding
  • Outdated Achievements button
  • Sidebar strings not being localized correctly when the player loads a new language
  • Text-to-speech not narrating chat messages properly
  • Text-to-speech not pronouncing the names of inventory items properly
  • Light blocks not showing their brightness volume
  • Light blocks not having a hitbox
  • Impossibility to target light blocks


  • Boats not getting removed from the inventory when placed down
  • Several crashes occurring during the gameplay

If you are addon creator or/and a map maker, you will also discover a nice list of technical updates in addition to all the fixes described above.

If you want to know more about the present beta, watch the video below, and after you can decide whether this update is worth installing or not.

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Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

Download Minecraft PE [125.66 Mb] (downloads: 16)

20 August, 2021

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Diego Guillén21 August 2021, 01:31
Me llamo Diego Guillén y quiero descargar Minecraft
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