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Lately, the Mojang Studios team is full of surprises. For example this week they released a tiny but stable full game version called Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.34, but most importantly, they have decided to start releasing Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 beta versions and the first one is Minecraft Bedrock

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

This Caves & Cliffs version brings several very interesting changes in addition to the already traditional technical updates and fixes and the best thing is that all the new features are not under the already well-known Experimental toggle anymore, but the game developers warn us that they are still under development, so you may have some issues regarding their stability. Anyway, this is not a reason to worry because we know how hard they work to make our gameplay better so we are sure that any bugs will be fixed in the near future.

The most important changes are:

  • Small mountains having other kinds of peaks compared to the ones we already got used to.


  • Big trees can grow under the y=0 level again
  • Lush Caves have small dripleaves growing inside
  • Old caves will reach up to the gaming world’s surface
  • Floating waters were removed from all kinds of caves
  • Meadow flowers do not replace structures and blocks generating in villages
  • Tuff blobs appear below the y=0 level, that is at the same level as deepslate
  • Amethyst geodes generate in a better way
  • Better transition between old chunks and new chunks
  • Different ore generation
  • Different old cave generation
  • Better placement of granite
  • Better placement of diorite
  • Better placement of andesite
  • Better placement of dirt
  • Better placement of gravel
  • Mineshafts do not replace bedrock
  • If the player moves further than a certain distance from a raid when it ends, all the raid mobs will despawn
  • The raid boss bar is red now
  • Vindicators do not participate in illager patrols now
  • The quantity of players lying in their beds will be displayed on servers
  • Different main menu background

We know you can’t wait to see all these changes with your own eyes as soon as possible, but please, give us a few more minutes because we also want to tell you about the most serious issues that were successfully resolved. These were:

  • Users getting disconnected from the server in case the server has a different runtime block ID from the client
  • Incorrect portal placements this making players transfer directly into lava or other dangerous places
  • Enchantments not working on carved pumpkins correctly
  • Bows and other enchanted items turning invisible in the Nether
  • Mobs being unable to path through trapdoors
  • Mobs walking through campfires
  • Sweet berry bushes not bringing damage
  • Mobs pathing through sweet berry bushes
  • Hero of the village working only in the village the player defeated the raid in


Dear friends, now you can try this amazing update, share the news about its release with all your friends who play Minecraft PE too and leave feedback.

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Video of MCPE

10 October, 2021

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