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Today we informed our subscribers about two versions released this week. We started by describing the one that was a full game version, that is Minecraft PE 1.18.2, but we bet you are curious to find out what the second one is about too. Well, Minecraft PE is a beta and it contains much more features than the full one.

Bugfixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The most active players detected a lot of crashes, bugs, and other issues. The most serious ones were:

  • Deepslate still not replacing bedrock as it was mentioned in Minecraft PE 1.18 even if the game developers made several attempts to fix this issue
  • Inability to place a light block on top or on the side of other such blocks
  • Wrong dimensions of Lava hitbox
  • Death screen tilting to the left instead of tilting to the right
  • Player’s vision snapping to north while in a boat
  • Player not being able to teleport anywhere after he/she consumes chorus fruit
  • Honey bottle failing to remove the effects it should remove
  • Eating foods that have effects on them giving effects that are longer than they should be
  • Game crashing when buying maps from the cartographer
  • Slimes not even trying to attack snow golems as they should
  • Off-centered visual of the inventory screen when gliding
  • Invite to Game button working incorrectly in certain situations
  • Incorrect name of oak door texture in the resource pack
  • Outdated dirt path’s side top, stripped dark oak, and glass pane top textures
  • End crystal beam disappearing when the player looks upwards
  • Carrot crop, cocoa beans, and other crops having misplaced pixels


  • Inconsistent highlight colors in gold and diamond armor
  • Off-centered back of axolotl color
  • Outdated hammer icon in the anvil GUI

Happily, these and other several less serious issues have been fixed.

This is everything we wanted to tell you about this beta, but if you are interested, you can learn more information about it by watching the clip trailer below.

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Clip Trailer of  Minecraft Bedrock

11 December, 2021
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