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The Mojang team finished their working year, that is 2021 with Minecraft PE the beta that brought frogs into our gaming worlds. In Minecraft PE which is this year’s first game update, they continued to develop this feature making it even more interesting.

New fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Before telling you what was done in relation to the new mobs that can be enjoyed by enabling the Wild Update toggle, let us enlist the most serious problems that have been fixed, this allowing us to play more smoothly and not to get annoyed. These were:

  • Game not loading or loading and crashing afterward when using certain seeds
  • Entities not getting saved after leaving a world
  • Iron ingots not being functional in healing iron golems
  • Iron golems not showing cracks as they should when they have a sufficient amount of damage
  • Glow lichens having a brightness level that does not match the one in the Java edition
  • An emerald icon showing on above villager’s head during the trading process
  • Outdated trading tables (noticeable when trading with librarians, cartographers, etc)
  • TTS not reading the Experimental features correctly
  • Smokers not giving any XP
  • Blast furnaces not giving any XP
  • Wrong feature placements of large dripstones and pointed dripstones
  • Corals not generating below level Y=45
  • Grove biomes containing only lush spruces while they should contain a wider variety of trees
  • The brightness of light blocks not being adjustable (when playing in VR)
  • Light blocks not being waterloggable
  • Double flowers transforming for a while into sunflowers when broken
  • Flower blocks floating in the air while other blocks around them get affected by explosions (creepers or TNT)
  • Skeleton horsemen not pathfinding as they should
  • Igloos and aquifers generating with missing blocks
  • Water generating unevenly in certain places

Like they always do, the MCPE developers managed to fix all these issues plus other several ones that were too minor to mention, but there is one more problem that they couldn’t fix yet. This is about chests not showing their inventories. This issue affects only the Pocket UI, but anyway, we are sure this will be resolved very soon.

And now it is time to find out about the new Wild Update features, namely the frogs. Now they make specific sounds and their panic speed was adjusted. The tadpoles also have a panic goal now. This news about the frogs is good, but they are not the most important. The coolest thing is that when lured near small magma cubes by the players and convinced to eat them, they will drop new kinds of blocks. These blocks can emit light and can be of three different kinds (depending on the frog type): verdant, ochre, or perlescent.


Dear players, we are sure that you will enjoy this beta given all its features but don’t get too carried away because we know you are kind and would like to share the news about its release with your friends.

Subscribe to our website if you didn’t have to do it until now because only this way we will be able to inform you personally about all the upcoming MCPE versions. This will also give you the possibility to explore the newest texture packs, mods, and other game-related surprises. Enjoy your time!

Clip Trailer of MCPE

11 January, 2022
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