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Minecraft PE 1.18.10

This week the Mojang team was very busy again. They have developed and released one beta and one full game version. In this article, we will describe Minecraft PE 1.18.10 which is the full one, but we will highlight only the most important changes because the active MCPE users already know about all of them from the previously released game versions (betas).

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10

Because this version contains absolutely all the features brought by the recent betas and there are hundreds of them (including technical updates and bug fixes), we decided that it would make sense to divide all this information into separate chapters, and we will start with the:

Vanilla Parity Modifications

  • The Globe Banner Pattern (yes, the Bedrock players can finally enjoy this important decoration item too!)
  • The Otherside music disc outputs a redstone signal of fourteen and the Pigstep one a redstone signal of thirteen
  • Bow shaking animation gets activated only when the bow is fully drawn back
  • After winning a raid, players can admire fireworks that are being launched from the ground
  • Villagers say "No" if they don't have the required item to trade
  • Players are no longer getting particle effects from the Bed Omen effect
  • Updated trade tables for cartographers, librarians and other several characters implied in trading activity
  • Iron Golems have a destruction degree and the players can judge their health by looking at the state of their cracks
  • To repair an Iron Golem, players should use iron ingots now
  • Iron Golems are aggressive to players who have a bad reputation for attacking villagers


  • The generation of the cave features is like in the java edition

Wild Update

This chapter includes all the features and their changes developed since the release of Minecraft PE These are:

  • The frogs and their babies, the tadpoles. These cuties are definitely the most popular mobs in MCPE nowadays. You can enjoy their jumping, croaking, and swimming. You can feed them and even lure them near magma cubes if you want to get some fantastic blocks from them (see description below). The little ones can be collected like fish.



  • The froglights. These are the blocks we mentioned above. Their type depends on the type of frog. Depending on the frog type, it can drop ochre, verdant, or pearlescent froglights after it eats a magma cube. All these kinds of blocks emit light.
  • The skulk features. This was the first feature that we were able to enjoy since the development of this experimental toggle.


This version brings almost one hundred bug fixes. In our opinion, the most important ones were done in relation to the following issues:

  • Game crashing if the player creates a new world with certain seeds, when interacting with a cartographer, when using the crafting table to remove certain armor pieces, and in other several situations
  • Villagers, NPCs, golems, and other mobs vanishing after re-entering a world
  • Horses, donkeys, and mules turning invisible after dismounting them
  • No emote animation playing when the player chooses emotes while standing in scaffolding
  • Unobtainable Iron Belly Achievement
  • Camera appearing under the bed when sleeping in a bed while swimming
  • A too big number of mobs spawning at some outposts
  • Pillars of dripstones generating at the surface of the lava
  • Incorrect generation of trees in groves
  • Chests not spawning in desert and jungle temples
  • Lily pads generating in places where they shouldn’t (in caves)
  • Fossils not generating below level y=0
  • Mineshafts not generating in bedrock as required
  • Water generating unevenly
  • Aquifers generating with missing water blocks
  • Igloos generating with missing blocks in villages
  • Rabbits and foxes generating as normal mobs instead of snow mobs in snowy biomes
  • Ender Dragon not being visible while flying towards the exit portal
  • Falling blocks being glitchy
  • Copper not oxidizing in the nether
  • End crystal beams disappearing when the player looks up
  • Plants placed in snow layers not breaking from explosions

Dear players, you can explore all these and other changes today. All you have to do is click on the button below this article to download the version.

If you have friends who play MCPE too, don’t hesitate to share the news with them and if you have any suggestions in relation to the above-described update, you are welcome to leave feedback.

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Clip Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.18.10

13 February, 2022
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