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If you remember, last week the Mojang Studios team developed a very little version called Minecraft PE 1.18.12. The players were quite surprised that there were only six changes. Anyway, time goes by and the game developers are continuing to work on improving Minecraft Bedrock and today they released a new beta, that is Minecraft PE, and we are glad to tell you that it contains way more features than the previous update.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This week, the game developers had to:

  • Fix the interaction between the identifiers and the block and item names
  • Make the Ender Dragon bring damage as it should when breathing fire
  • Stabilize the player’s position in lava when he/she dies and respawns there
  • Make the player’s flight down smoother and introduced the possibility to fly through ladders
  • Fix the shield blocking animation when used for the first time
  • Fix the carrot’s stage three growth


  • Prevent bees from attacking the player when he/she breaks their beehives with silk touch tools
  • Fix a bug preventing players from using the interface buttons
  • Fix crash occurring when using controllers
  • Fix crash occurring when pressing on the Show More button
  • Fix the download popup that used to flicker
  • Fix several bug affecting the emote animations

Besides carrying out these fixes, the developers also:

  • Improved the attack damage calculations
  • Improved the armor damage reduction calculations
  • Corrected the damage from Shulker’s bullets, Fang attacks, and Blaze fireballs and all difficulty levels
  • Modified the damage from spiders, baby zoglins, and other several mobs on different difficulty levels
  • Decided that baby hoglins should not attack players anymore
  • Canceled the spawning of chicken, cows, and other farm animals in cold taiga biomes
  • Added another new popup message in the Marketplace appearing when the player uses new skin pack skins when this is not allowed

If you are an addon creator and/or a map maker, you will discover several useful technical updates too, some of them being in relation to the experimental features.

Unfortunately, there is one issue that the game developers could not yet resolve. This is the fact that the game can crash while creating a new world, but the good thing is that it happens only once. The following attempts to make a new world won’t end like this. We hope that this problem will be fixed in the near future.

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Clip Trailer of Minecraft PE

22 February, 2022

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