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Unlike last week when the MCPE developers made only a couple of bug fixes for Minecraft Bedrock, the Bedrock users will have the chance to explore more fixes and modifications, and even new possibilities prepared for the new Minecraft Bedrock

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Let us start with the bug fixes. The developers of the Mojang team:

  • Fixed more crashes occurring in different situations
  • Stopped flowing water from pushing the player when in creative
  • Introduced the possibility to make and use bonemeal by villagers (using surplus seeds and a composter)
  • Fixed the “Protection” enchantment that used to work incorrectly on some kinds of damage and changed its damage reduction levels
  • Fixed the regeneration that used to be illusionary in certain cases
  • Fixed the stalagmites that did not calculate damage correctly
  • Made yellow hearts turn black when wither is applied
  • Developed armor durability. Now the diamond one’s is of two and the nether one’s is of three. They also modified the calculations of damage depending on the durability.
  • Diminished the resistance to knockback for these types of armor sets


  • Improved the item usage when playing in split-screen
  • Improved the terrains surrounding the structures when they generate
  • Fixed the TNTs that used to vanish when disabling and enabling certain game rules
  • Made falling blocks, for example gravel and sand, land on snow layers correctly
  • Fixed the glowing squids that did not glow correctly
  • Fixed the fire that did not show on the inventory screen in certain situations
  • Removed the highlighting of certain armor sets on paperdolls
  • Corrected the Bucket with tropical fish’s name
  • Added a prompt appearing when applying certain skins from the Marketplace
  • Made Ravagers hostile towards Wandering Traders
  • Fixed the mob that spawn from dispensers
  • Made shulkers use neighbor blocks before teleporting away, not spawning on the same one as they did before sometimes
  • Fixed the displayed text when creating a new world
  • Fixed the work of the /loot command
  • Made cartographers sell woodland explorer maps when required
  • Fixed many technical bugs

In addition to all the above-described activities, the MCPE developers also started getting ready to bring the Warden to our worlds and implemented some shrieker tweaks, namely making the sculk shrieker react to the clicking of the skulk sensors and making the threat sensor causing the Ward to appear decrease as time passes.

Now that you know everything or at least the main information about the current beta, it is time to try it, but do not forget about your friends who also play Minecraft PE and share this article with them.

To be informed about the upcoming game versions, keep following our website. Between update releases, you can also try dozens of free maps, textures, and other MCPE-related content. Enjoy your time!

Clip Trailer of Minecraft PE

6 March, 2022
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