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As most of you already know, since the release of Minecraft PE all the Wild Update features have been removed from under the experimental features toggle. Since then, the MCPE developers gave us the possibility to monitor how all of them were improved and even to check many new ones. Today we will tell you about a new beta called Minecraft PE which is already the fourth Wild Update beta.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

While working on the development of this update, the following problems have been resolved:

  • Wardens were dropping an incorrect number of sculk catalysts
  • Wardens did not detect such projectiles as eggs, snowballs, etc.
  • Wardens was getting angry only when bumped into by players, not mobs
  • The sculk shriekers and sculk catalyst had a weaker blast resistance, compared to their Java Edition counterparts.
  • Sculk did not make any sound when spreading
  • The shrieking sound of the sculk shrieker was not considered a blocks source sound
  • Extended pistons making sculk shriekers and sensor disappear
  • The breaking animation of the sculk shrieker and sensors was glitched
  • The mangrove propagule could not be bonemealed when fully grown
  • The mangrove trees had missing branches
  • Mangrove leaves were not dropping themselves when cut with shears
  • Mangrove wood could not be used to craft soul campfires
  • The items from allays were moving to empty slots, not to the existent stacks
  • Frogs, fish, and tadpoles were spinning in circles when trying to pathfind on mud
  • Froglights did not have the right colors on maps
  • Flowing water did not break frog spawns
  • Torches, glow lichens, and other several blocks could not be placed on sculk shriekers
  • Shulkers were not fire resistant
  • Shulkers was remaining sidewards when placed into a boat or minecart after being placed on to a wall
  • Trader llamas did not despawn when the trader unleashes them

The list of issues can continue for a long time, but we preferred to tell you only about the most serious ones, especially because all of them have been successfully fixed. We also decided to make it short because there are two more surprises we want to tell you about. These are:

  • A new music disc that can be obtained in a very unusual way. You will have to collect its fragments from ancient city chests, put them together, and only then you will be able to listen to the disc.


  • Experimental features toggle. Yes, you can use it again, but this time it contains the possibility to enjoy the Spectator Mode. Unfortunately, this feature is not fully developed yet but we hope that the game developers are working hard to make it as good as possible soon.

Please be a good friend and share this article with other Minecraft Bedrock players so they can test the new features too. You can also leave feedback if you want to tell us what you think about the up[date.

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Clip Trailer of MCPE

2 May, 2022
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