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Every new game version brings a lot of interesting changes and updates, this is why we recommend you follow our website in order to benefit from all the advantages. For example, last week, if you managed to try Minecraft PE, you could notice that the allay has a different pickup range and that bonus chests contain mangrove logs. Minecraft PE is also a very interesting beta, but it contains mainly bug fixes.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Here are the most serious problems that the game developers and players identified:

  • Players who use the spectator mode used to get affected by the effects of the gameplay
  • Mangrove logs did not stack correctly after being broken
  • Stripped Mangrove Logs used to transform into normal mangrove wood when crafted, not into stripped wood as they should
  • Players were not able to place Mangrove propagules in flower pots
  • Flowing water used to break mangrove propagules
  • Players were not able to place sweet berry bushes, saplings, and other vegetation on muddy mangrove roots
  • Decorative sculk veins did not generate correctly
  • Ancient cities did not contain any camp structures


  • The sonic boom attack of the warden was not strong enough to bypass such enchantments as Protection
  • The warden was not able to spawn on single non-full blocks
  • Wardens could be summoned underwater this making them dig into the liquid which is not normal
  • Sculk sensors used to detect vibrations they shouldn’t react to (according to the Java edition) and vice versa
  • Wool did not occlude sculk sensors the way they should
  • Players did not obtain any exp when smelting tools or armor into nuggets
  • Mobs teleported to unloaded chunks used to disappear
  • The player’s hitbox failed to update in case his/her death occurred while swimming
  • Health boost effects used to disappear if the player exited and rejoined the game
  • Players could not enter the dressing room
  • Graphical issues affecting the underwater fog
  • Animation-related issues affecting the gameplay while playing in split-screen
  • The terrain used to flicker sometimes on Nintendo Switch devices
  • The equip button was missing from custom skin packs
  • Villagers and wandering traders did not flee from zoglins
  • Wither did not break the required blocks when attacked
  • The player could not be able to see the cause of his/her death
  • Players and mobs used to have an incorrect position when using the nether portal
  • The world used to crash every time the player died because of withering
  • The world used to crash every time the player changed dimensions and while doing so, exited the world

Download and install this version and you will see with your own eyes that all these problems and a lot of other less serious ones have been fixed.

Visit us if you want to try other game versions or the best maps, mods, and other free surprises. You are welcome to share your favorite articles with your friends and leave feedback. Enjoy your time!

Clip Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

5 June, 2022

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